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  • enthusiasm is infectious.

  • So much of this process is about problem solving and making breakthroughs.

  • Everyone is coming with their own experiences to a galaxy that can support it, and they also have a group of filmmakers who were not afraid to jump in.

  • It's hard to believe all these years later, there's such energy around new stories in this world.

  • The volume you put me back in a set as if it was built.

  • The outside is all video walls.

  • In the top is video wall.

  • That was, for me, one of the most rewarding experiences.

  • That someone who just loves Star Wars.

  • It was like one of the weirdest and best things that ever happened with Turner.

  • He was acting against the baby, and he started directing the baby directly.

  • I'm trying drug Verner, who's now directing the puppet he was telling us we needed to commit to the magic, makes them use the puppet theater.

  • G 11 was like I G 88.

  • They built him out of parts of the old cantina set from a new hope.

  • We, as Children like that's the coolest assassin robot.

  • It was bolted to the floor.

  • We're trying to draw from all over Star Wars.

  • Sometimes I think it's just like anything in any different scene.

  • You just have energy and you can see that in the physicality.

  • You can see that the acting George reiterated, Remember, to make these stories hopeful, to give that to kids because they really need it.

  • It's important to the foundation of Star Wars, but we don't just want action.

  • We want to feel uplifted.

  • And Star Wars ultimately is about family.

  • It is really saying there is a lot of hope out there.

enthusiasm is infectious.


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