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  • people have been starved for content of me.

  • We haven't had a lot of new content since the beginning of March.

  • I think that we do need toe to support, like content like especially like sports and events.

  • Obviously w b.

  • There's no crowd or anything.

  • So it's a very small number of people who know they're tough injury lawyer turned governor.

  • I will not step into the ring because I'm a touch term a phobic.

  • My girlfriend says I should talk to someone What?

  • I ate therapy over zoo.

  • If you won't be in the ring, you know where to find me in my basement, making sour dough bread and watching one of those movies that was supposed to be in theaters when it's now available on the mound.

  • Oh, we're going to write this down.

people have been starved for content of me.


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仇視細菌的摔跤手叫囂佛羅里達州長。 (Germophobic wrestler calls out Florida Governor)

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