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  • thing.

  • I'm most scared of heights just generally because of your own, like a really shaky bridge, the fair falling and being really injured.

  • This pretty bad.

  • The one thing I'm most scared off his spiders, which is silly because they won't hurt you.

  • But they just give me the creeps.

  • The one thing I'm most scared of is to lose someone I love.

  • One thing I'm scared off the most is the heights.

  • Just because I'm afraid of falling.

  • I'm most scared of losing people that are closest to me, especially when I'm away on holiday.

  • It's one of my biggest fears.

  • One thing I'm most scared off.

  • He's a cockroach.

  • They are disgustingly creepy creatures.

  • One thing I'm most scared off used to be completely honest with myself.



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你好,來自倫敦!你最害怕的是什麼? (Hello from London! What one thing are you most scared of?)

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