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  • Macey Hensley.

  • Hearing counter Girl, Kansas I'm on my farm in the flesh yields practising social distancing.

  • I'm partnered with history during this time and together we're going to be providing some history lessons for you, your family and your parents.

  • I'm definitely not a teacher.

  • But since they say that I'm a presidential expert, which is why today I'm going to be focusing my lesson on President Sack retainer you exactly.

  • I want to be focusing my lessons on the most obscure president in American history.

  • So let's get started.

  • This is history thing.

  • When I first started learning about the president at the age of four, Zachary Taylor was one of my favorites.

  • Why?

  • Well, because he wore a uniform.

  • Blue is my favorite cover, of course.

  • Well.

  • Zachary Taylor with the 12th president of the United States before becoming president, he was a captain in the War of 18 12 and a major general in the Mexican American War.

  • He became a national hero as a result of many victories in his time in the military.

  • Here in the title Old Rough and Ready, Zachary Taylor would refuse any mail that came postage due.

  • He had refused a very important letter.

  • No find him first nomination for president.

  • Nevertheless, he went on to become president in 18 48.

  • Interesting, citing Terror refused to take the oath of office on a Sunday.

  • He chose to win two Monday, but the outgoing president pokes duties ended on Sunday, March 4th.

  • According to some supporters, a man named David Acheson oversaw the office for president for just one day.

  • Some call president, actress in the one day president.

  • Upon arriving at the White House, President Taylor brought his trusty horse, Old Whitey alone.

  • Sometimes visitors had come and pluck hairs from old Whitey's tail to keep it as a souvenir.

  • Nobody quickly had to be secluded from the public because his tail was almost bald.

  • President Taylor was not.

  • Now leg it, man.

  • He would spit tobacco juice inside of box inside the White House.

  • Yeah, my favorite story about President Taylor has a rather sad ending.

  • Zachary Taylor tended 1/4 of July party that was a fundraiser for the Washington Monument that was in the process of being built.

  • He was nicely dressed in a wool suit.

  • Ah, wool suit.

  • July.

  • Well, anyways, it was a rather hot day and Taylor consumed large amount of iced milk and Cherries later, Najib me.

  • He wasn't feeling low, however, doctors did everything they could.

  • Taylor died four days later.

  • Most people thought he died of cholera, but some people thought that the Cherries were poisonous.

  • We may never know, but I do know that Zachary Taylor is one of my favorite obscure presidents in American history.

  • This is Macey Hensley.

  • And until next time, remember, history is made every day.

  • You know, I can't wait to see what's next.

Macey Hensley.


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