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  • is your parked it to captaincy was slightly different, Gary, wasn't it?

  • It was, Yeah.

  • I mean, we are.

  • I I got Roy.

  • Roy Keane is the captain for 10 years, and Roy left really quickly, unexpected living part way through a season on at the time.

  • It was a few shots for everybody you could never replicate.

  • Roy Keane worked when I first came into first.

  • Even the brain Robson, then steep Bruce on these air special characters, people who had an influence and power over a dressing room.

  • Probably that's what grain would have had.

  • You know what?

  • He was Captain Andi, captain of that ilk.

  • It was a changing landscape in football.

  • To be honest with me, Kelly and I knew that I couldn't then just almost didn't take old from Roy Keane and on be Roy Keane.

  • I'm not quite simply know, either in character or in personality or in influence on.

  • I think that works in the Tony Adams with England as well.

  • These were great great captains, but in a way, I think the way in which I saw have decided to go about it was wanted to be true to myself.

  • I've been the PF a union rep since the age of 23.

  • I believed in players, writes.

  • I believed in player sticking together as obviously didn't Roy.

  • And you know, Sir Alex always put that into us, and I just went down the route of trying to be the same person that I was before a more collaborative route.

  • I think the reason that's relics chose me as captain was purely one thing.

  • It was, it would have been male Ryan Giggs.

  • At the time, Giggsy was probably in and out of the team because it's Alex like light to rotate.

  • Is forward players on with these defenders?

  • I was playing every single week, you know, does it right back.

  • So I think he probably picked me just purely because of the fact that I would be playing every single week.

  • But what I would say over the 56 years I was captain, I would say that probably it was May Ryan Andi probably scolded to an extent, were captains really in the sense that we did not have worked together to sort of make sure that we set the sort of tone in the dressing room?

  • The standards certainly different approach and Roy have before and Bryan Robson, Steve Bruce.

  • We didn't have that sort of type of influence, that those carrots, that Roy was the most influential person I ever saw in a football field on offer football field.

  • It was simply we couldn't replicate that.

  • Did it feel left in the Premier League trophies?

  • As a captain, it did feel different.

  • It did feel different thing with me.

  • Kelly.

  • I got injured about a year after taking the captaincy, and that became really difficult for me because I fellas, though I wasn't contributing like a captain would do from the last four years of my career and acts.

  • Remember going to see Sir Alex one preseason?

  • I think it was about the third year that I was captain and it was obvious.

  • Then we had an amazing team.

  • Ronaldo, Rooney, Tabas Gig Skulls, Curry, Ferdinand Village Ever Vander side.

  • They were all do some great personalities and great players in that group, and I went on with Sir Alex one day.

  • Walking onto the training pitch is us.

  • I don't feel worthy of keeping the captains anymore.

  • This team shifted on to a level that I can't compete up on, he said.

  • You'll keep that effin arm.

  • Branson.

  • I'll just say that I think you're thinking long about You're saying, Peter, you're fine on I said I said Easily gave May He said, You and giggle rotated Except if I give it to you now.

  • Although Rumeal kick off if I give it to Ruud Rooney, Ronaldo will kick off If I give it to village.

  • Ferdinand won't be happy for you.

  • So a little bit, I think being gigs, he kept the armbands for about three or four years and gives it beyond that just purely because of the fact that come around in the dressing room keeping things together.

  • We were the policemen in the in the dressing room, if you like.

  • With the older statesman on, we were staying in the example.

  • And Sir Alex wants to make sure that the team came first even though, and I felt unworthy as a captain at that stage.

is your parked it to captaincy was slightly different, Gary, wasn't it?


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