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  • Hi, everyone.

  • This is CS 50.

  • I'm Jessica here with Andrew and William, and they're going to demo their project for us.

  • So can you tell me a little bit about what your project does?

  • Yes.

  • So what we've done for our project is to create a lost and found site for yield the jail community.

  • So we're trying to find a way in order for people to declare lost or found items and try to have people return their items back to their given our lost users.

  • And so when you first come to our side, you'll be taken to our log in page, which displays our logo on a small description.

  • But since we've never been here before, let's create a new account that'll bring us to an account page.

  • And we are going to create a CS 50 specific account, filling out required information about a name and user name, a phone number on which will be random for now.

  • And we'll also putting the simple password just for the sake of today.

  • When we create an account will be brought to our home page, where you can learn a little bit more about our sight.

  • Our mission and also see some buttons that might help you navigate the site.

  • At the bottom of the home.

  • Page will see a recently found section with items that have recently been found on the site, but I can't see what we're looking for their today.

  • So let's log in new lost items today.

  • David has lost his famous phone book, and we can list amore attributes of the phone book.

  • It's yellow.

  • It's good condition.

  • Not very good on Deal.

  • I saw it at the Center for Teaching and Learning, which is right around the corner from Sterling Memorial Library.

  • His phone book is important, but not that important.

  • So he's gonna offer a $5 reward for anyone who finds it and when, when we submit will be brought to a new page with our account.

  • And this account page basically say's what David has logged for lost items and items that he's actually found.

  • So people who have lost these items but haven't logged what they've found what they've lost can actually look for these fine items.

  • Now if we go to the fine Paige, we could see what other people have declared lost and let's say that David actually finds the TD flag, so he finds the TD flag and everything, and he wants to $356 reward for the TV flag.

  • So he all he has to do is press the more information button.

  • And then we see that our head of college, Mary Lou, has actually lost RTD flag.

  • And therefore, all we have to do is contact ml at Yale.

  • Die, Edie, you And hopefully we could return the TV flag back to appear in its rightful owner.

  • Now, finally, the big thing about her ab is one someone actually finds are are lost phone book.

  • We don't actually have to keep it back on the site.

  • So what we've done is that once David has found his phone book, all we have to do is press this found button and confirm we found the item and deleted from the database forever.

  • That's really awesome.

  • An impressive and also super useful.

  • Like I wish I had this when I lost my hat the other year.

  • Um, yeah.

  • So what kind of technologies did you use when building this web?

  • So we decided that we wanted to create mainly a website.

  • And so knowing that we've used like python and HTML from the past, especially when we're working on our past.

  • We said we wanted to base our code off of that.

  • So we used a lot of python for our database holding all of our information.

  • We use sequel and we use html CSS Java for the kind of the front end of that.

  • Have you guys ever used Python and HTML and sequel before coming to see us 50?

  • Not before CSU.

  • See, I actually hadn't done any coating before CS 50 and I'm just looking at this now.

  • It's kind of remarkable how big the improvement has been.

  • So it's cool to be able to combine all those different languages into one comprehensive project.

  • That's really great.

  • What was the most exciting part of building this?

  • Or also like the challenges that you faced?

  • I think the biggest challenges we've definitely had to face is just debugging the code because I think it takes a lot of patients in order to find, like the minuscule ares that you might have made, like just spelling errors or like some variable errors that you might just need to kind of like slowly debug and take your time.

  • But I think it was also a really fun project because we actually got to make a lot of decisions for ourselves.

  • Like how to create our own database.

  • Howto basically format are like code are html.

  • RCs has to make it look, Justice s said.

  • I guess it does right now.

  • And so I think it had a lot.

  • There was a lot of fun parts to the job, but also a lot of challenges that came along with it.

  • Yeah, definitely.

  • Well, it turned out really great.

  • The all the aesthetics are very nice.

  • And that's I know that's quite difficult to do.

  • Some very impressed.

  • Thank you so much for showing us your demo of your project.

  • I'm Jessica, and this is CS 50.

Hi, everyone.


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