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  • Lady Diana.

  • She was the princess who had the whole world enamored intrigue and sometimes a bit confused.

  • Like that day.

  • The paparazzi took pictures ever wearing two watches, and the only thing the public could think of was why it went like this.

  • 1981.

  • Prince Charles and 20 year old Diana are engaged.

  • The soon to be bride often went to various events with her feature groom.

  • One of those was a polo tournament at Windsor that Charles was taking part in.

  • Diana was on the sidelines, rooting enthusiastically for her fiance.

  • That's when cameras, quite an interesting detail.

  • Lady Spencer had to watch is on one wrist a day.

  • Anyone with a thin gold strap and a bigger watch with a leather strap.

  • Theus Sumption soon followed one.

  • Diana decided to introduce a new trend.

  • Hey, wouldn't be the only time to Maybe she needed to keep up with events in a different time zone.

  • What?

  • Three.

  • The future princess just got something wrong.

  • Why all the theories turned out to be false, and the real reason was quite sweet.

  • She put on Charles watch along with her own to support her other half and wish him good luck in the tournament.

  • Actually, Charles and Diana first met at a similar competitive circumstance on Lee.

  • He had been invited to the Spencer family's home for a hunt.

  • Theo to families had always been close.

  • Diana's grandmother had been a lady in waiting to the Queen Mother, Charles's grandmother, through Elizabeth the second, as Diana famously put it, the to sort of met in a ploughed field.

  • And here she was four years later, standing near a polo field supporting her now fiance.

  • What's even cooler?

  • The double watch gesture has roots in medieval tradition.

  • Back then, so many centuries ago, ladies tied their handkerchief toe a knight's helmet or spear to wish him luck before a duel.

  • The handkerchief reminded the night of what he was fighting for in the tournament to win.

  • For his beloved.

  • The handkerchief was considered a symbol of love Lady di love traditions.

  • But she was also a fan of doing things her own way, especially when it involved items that she held close to her heart.

  • Another example was on the couple's wedding day.

  • Young Lady Spencer had to wear something borrowed according to the popular tradition, however, Diana refused to wear the lovers, not tear offered by the queen.

  • Instead, she chose her family, Tierra, from the Earls of Spencer.

  • It might have broken Royal Family Protocol, but it was important for Diana to follow her own family's traditions, too.

  • This tear had been warned by Spencer family women before her.

  • For generations, Lady Di returned to this decoration more than once.

  • She wore it at official events, often favoring it over the royalty era.

  • The Spencer Tierra hasn't been worn by anyone since.

  • You think a princess would have a whole collection of tears, but Diana only ever wore these two in her life.

  • Both go way back the Spencer Tierra being commissioned in 1919 and the royal families in 1913 by Queen Mary.

  • But Diana did get creative with her jewelry, like when she wore her Saudi sapphire choker.

  • As a Tierra, she liked to bend the rules and start new trends in other ways to, for example, women in the royal family are required to wear tights.

  • Diana did it her own way.

  • She wore different colored ones to match her outfits, which was a bit shocking for the monarchs.

  • She also refused to wear gloves, even though she was supposed to as a royal lady.

  • Now, Diana's reason.

  • She wanted to shake hands with people and feel their touch.

  • She was the people's princess, after all.

  • The queen of Hearts could wear the same thing constantly for years.

  • Another item she cherished closely was the necklace Charles gave her on the day their first son, William, was born in 1982.

  • The necklace was made of goal and in grade with the name of the future heir to the throne.

  • No less significant for Diana was her engagement ring, which also caused some stir in the royal family.

  • It was a sapphire and diamond ring fit for a future princess.

  • Sure, the problem.

  • Charles let her pick the ring herself from a catalogue, and she didn't even have a customized just ordered it as is.

  • Apparently, this was the commoners way.

  • But Diana loved her ring, and that's what matters.

  • Years later, each of her sons was given something of hers to remember her by Prince Harry got her engagement ring William, her gold Cartier watch.

  • But Harry gave the ring to his brother when William decided to propose to his future wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

  • The duchess still wears the ring to this day, but let's go back to that happy day in 1981 when young Diana had no idea what lay ahead in the future, when two watches on one wrist were a lucky charm for her and her future husband was her whole world.

  • The young noble wanted her marriage to Charles to be successful, and on her wedding day a few months later, she hoped to inspire a little more luck by sewing a golden horseshoe into her address.

  • The marriage might not have lasted, but the wedding remains the most watched in history.

  • It was dubbed the Wedding of the Century, and 750 million people tuned in to see it, and that's got to count for something.

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Lady Diana.


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戴安娜王妃戴著兩塊手錶想說什麼? (What Princess Diana Was Trying to Say Wearing 2 Watches)

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