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  • I am Claire, your orbit driver.

  • I am Carly, your passenger.

  • Are you famous?

  • What would you think?

  • That you live in a mansion?

  • About 45 minutes ago, I rang the bell.

  • When the woman that lives there open the door a shot her in the face.

  • You are sitting next to a sociopath.

  • So here's the deal.

  • If you tell me a really good story, then I will not.

  • You.

  • 911 There was a guy that is dry.

  • Personally, I have such mixed feelings about social media and technologies.

  • We're putting our lives out there.

  • We're putting our locations out there.

  • People know where you are.

  • Very realistic and scary reality to this.

  • You think it's funny and I understand.

  • Said there was a body is nothing there but a couple of pissed off people.

  • Carl is kind of an evil genius.

  • He seeks out vulnerable people that have experienced traumatic events in their life and tries to break them.

  • No, she puts up a much bigger fight than I expected.

  • Teoh.

  • It becomes this giant cat and mouse chase all around Los Angeles.

  • Hey, what happened?

  • Somebody is trying to kill me.

  • JJ pulled into this orbit of Clare in this crazy world.

  • And it's like a mile a minute.

  • Get the car.

  • It takes place over one night because these are shorter episodes.

  • It's so packed.

  • It just grabs you immediately.

  • You have to finish.

  • You have to know what happened.

  • Wait, just a police station.

  • And I don't even know if this guy is really I'm not.

  • Freeze.

  • Also on top of it, having this badass female lead.

  • It's very empowering.

  • You go in there, they're gonna kill you.

  • It's gonna find us wonderfully over myself.

  • Have every 6 to 10 minutes that hooks you be watching them on.

  • Quick.

  • Be, I think is really cool.

  • It's him.

  • He's here.

I am Claire, your orbit driver.


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陌生人》官方特輯 "演員幕後花絮"(高清)麥卡-夢露。 (THE STRANGER Official Featurette "Behind the Scenes with the Cast" (HD) Maika Monroe)

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