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  • quest means crescent in French, and these soft, flaky, curved roles are generally associate ID with France, although historians believe they originated in Austria.

  • Just don't tell the French that, regardless of where they came from, though, the course on is a popular breakfast pastry in many parts of the world.

  • Plane with jam or dumped in a coffee.

  • It's probably the krump least breakfast treat it could possibly eat, so don't forget your napkin that quickly before it drops in any way.

  • This commercial bakery makes its Qassem with soft spread margarine instead of butter.

  • Thea Other ingredients.

  • A yeast.

  • Very cold water because warm water would trigger the east to react prematurely.

  • Sugar touch.

  • Result on want all purpose flour A.

  • LL.

  • The ingredients go into an industrial mixer for 10 minutes, first at slow speed to blend everything and form the dough and faster to need it.

  • Next, sticky elastic dough enters the multi roller machine as an automated dispenser lightly dusts the dough with flour to prevent it from sticking to the equipment.

  • A series of 16 rollers progressively flattens the dough into a thinner and thinner sheet.

  • The next process lamination, is what creates the Carsons.

  • Flaky Layers Theo.

  • First station on this line extremes kilogram blocks of margarine into 1/2 centimeter thin sheet.

  • Next nation lays the mongering sheet on top of the fin Doshi and folds the ends of the dough upwards and developing the Marjorie.

  • Then rollers compress the overlap DOA Ines to seal the margarine inside on flattened whole thing down to about a centimeter.

  • Think the next station repeatedly folds the dough over itself, then, with rollers presses the layer into a thin sheet.

  • This'll emanating.

  • Cycle repeats over and over again until each still block coming off.

  • The line is comprised of 243 separate Don't layers.

  • Plastic wrap keeps the dough moist as it goes into a fridge for eight hours cold re hardens the margarine and lessens the does.

  • Elasticity, though, is now ready to be formed into a question.

  • First, rollers progressively flattened the connected blocks into a thin sheet.

  • Then another roller runs over the dough horizontally to expand the sheet to the required.

  • With next, cutters divide the sheet into seventh in banks, each 1 10 centimetres wide.

  • Then a roller covered in triangular blades cuts each bundle dough into triangles.

  • A robot separates the triangles and turns them in the same direction with flat side forward.

  • A stop running the width of the conveyor belt aligns the triangles in straight rows, ready for the next stage, rolling each triangle into the shape of a question.

  • Bakeries to forming.

  • Machine's output, 50,000 rolled across, owns every hour.

  • Next, stop the proof for a steam chamber inside which the heat and high humidity activate the yeast.

  • The dome rises, and by the time they exit an hour later, questions doubled in size.

  • They now baked for 14 minutes in a tunnel of him at a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius, most during the dough evaporates.

  • Resulting steam, along with the melting Marjorie NW, produces Ababa LS, which separates the layers, creating that signature flakiness.

  • Grayson's are now fully baked golden brown and front I'll soft rubber suction cups delicately transfer them to a conveyor belt.

  • Belt leads to a spiral tower.

  • By the time the questions descend to the bottom, they've completely cool.

  • As they travel to packaging, a quality control inspector removes any misshapen ones.

  • Robot, then seals them in bags.

  • Toe lock in the freshness Intelliquest songs.

quest means crescent in French, and these soft, flaky, curved roles are generally associate ID with France, although historians believe they originated in Austria.


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