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  • Of course, we've reported extensively on the heroic doctors and nurses on the front lines of the nation's hospitals working around the clock against the flood of Kobe.

  • 19 cases in hot spots around the country.

  • But now imagine if you were doing all that while more than six months pregnant.

  • That's what's happening with three doctors at one hospital in Prince George's County majority black suburb, right outside the nation's capital that has become the epicenter of the Cove in 19 Surge in Maryland.

  • NBC's Rachel Scott has their story in an emergency room under siege by the Corona virus.

  • Dr.

  • Elizabeth Claiborne has two things.

  • Top of mind.

  • The lives she has to save and the life growing inside her.

  • She must be hungry because I have not eaten today.

  • She has made the decision to keep doing her job and to do it seven months pregnant, and she's not the only one at Prince George's Hospital Center in Maryland.

  • There is not just one pregnant doctor on the front lines.

  • There are three.

  • As soon as I walked in the room a lot of before, like what were you doing?

  • Why you're like, you're crazy.

  • Why are you still working way signed up for and we want to be there wouldn't be Kobe.

  • 19 cases have skyrocketed in PG County, more cases here than anywhere else in the state.

  • The number of sick, covert positive patients that we're seeing is increasing.

  • And these three doctors worried.

  • Taking a leave of absence all at the same time could put a strain on their fellow staff members.

  • Doctors Michelle Callahan, Elizabeth Claiborne and to Carroll knew in would choose to stay on the job 6 to 7 months pregnant with full backing from the hospital to take a leave of absence.

  • At any point, almost all the patients that were surrounding in the immediate area that I was an easy work, more Kobe positive.

  • And that's an unprecedented, experienced A have as a provider.

  • Yeah, this has to come with a heightened level of anxiety, right?

  • The further that you get into your pregnancy, we're also seeing the amount of cases spike.

  • I could not only jeopardize my life but could jeopardize the life of you know, my baby girl, who I'm carrying inside of me on.

  • It's really scaring.

  • While there is limited data on Kobe Nineteens effects on pregnancy.

  • Hospital staff have tried to limit their exposure.

  • There were a couple of unresponsive, very sick people who had to get intubated right when they kind in and my college stepped up and kind of took care of those people.

  • But protecting themselves as doctors brings an added layer of difficulty as expecting mothers.

  • So when you're wearing these and 95 masks or anything else, it's basically you're being suffocated for like 10 hours 11 hours.

  • Today, I feel relieved that I'm walking out to my car and only have this face shield mask on instead of the N 95 respirator, which makes it really hard to breathe when you're pregnant.

  • Each day is a balancing act, definitely getting more stress as I moved towards the end of my pregnancy and towards the thought of you know, when I deliver, if I'm gonna end up testing positive and what will happen in that event there, 10 to 12 hour shifts aren't without those constant trips to the bathroom and under all that personal protective gear compression stockings to keep the swelling down.

  • You know, I'm really tired and thirsty.

  • By this time I have had the Mass like pressing on my face all day, my nos fils congested.

  • It's becoming more difficult for me to not see these sick patients, their families proud but anxious.

  • I worry about the risk that she's taking.

  • I'm scared for my unborn granddaughter, even after hours surrounded by death and pain, moments of joy about the lives they will soon bring into the world.

  • Hopefully, in a few months we'll be able to get together and have pleadings.

  • Yeah, with our baby girl's.

  • Yes, all three are expecting girls this summer.

  • When your daughter one day grows up and learns about this time, what do you hope she takes away?

  • I think the biggest thing that I was I would love my Children to take away is to find a job that you feel fulfills you and that you want to go to.

  • I do hope my daughter grows up and looks back on this and being like, cool, like there's a strong women out there doing some really cool stuff.

  • It's always gonna be challenges that why I had in her life and the lives of human beings for forever and always, and so how we respond to the challenges are really important.

  • And while they're seen as heroes, they plan to tell their daughters they were just doing their jobs.

  • Rachel Scott, ABC News Washington Strong women indeed.

  • Our thanks to Rachel Scott for that story.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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Of course, we've reported extensively on the heroic doctors and nurses on the front lines of the nation's hospitals working around the clock against the flood of Kobe.


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