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  • Hey, come on.

  • Just tell me what happened tonight.

  • Zak and I broke up.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Sweetie, No, don't, don't Don't do anything.

  • Just have no idea what I'm going through.

  • You'd be surprised.

  • I'll tell you a story.

  • See the people walking down the street way shop you were singing dancing on a fountain.

  • That's how I remember it.

  • Go.

  • Go!

  • Music!

  • Really gonna go over the hill to Hollywood?

  • Get out of here.

  • Where would you want to go?

  • Anywhere.

  • What would you want?

  • Todo Anything.

  • You don't like that?

  • Maybe that's good preaching you're doing.

  • It was rich.

  • People are gonna hate you.

  • I got a special guest here this evening.

  • There's fashion College.

  • Where is a city?

  • You're not moving across the country with the guy with the mess You have shiny, bright, perfect life.

  • I don't know how to fit into the O.

  • Everything my friends thought about You just proved them right.

Hey, come on.


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谷地女孩預告片 (2020) (VALLEY GIRL Trailer (2020))

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