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  • We'll put that there.

  • You'd never get how some of these furry friends wound up stuck in these places.

  • Let's take a look.

  • I on the Black Cat may have just eight lives left.

  • After getting stuck on the side of a cliff in Los Angeles, Zion was found about 100 feet off the ground, making its greatest gave.

  • While it's Family was hosting a party.

  • A neighbor spotted the feline and called authorities, who brought Zion back to safety.

  • How about this unlikely duo Taylor, the German shepherd, and Godzilla, the £80 tortoise they got stuck in this tunnel?

  • It's usually Godzilla's hiding place, using it to hibernate in the winter.

  • But this was the first time Taylor decided to check it out for herself.

  • I'm just thinking, like, How does she get down there?

  • Then one of the owners tried to dig them out.

  • I went head first into the tunnel, which I realize shortly after it was a bad move.

  • Finally, it's firefighters to the rescue.

  • They did the trick by offering Godzilla her favorite snack lettuce free in the booth.

  • Thank you.

  • Yeah.

  • What did you do?

  • You went to the wrong hole, huh?

  • wrong way.

  • Look at that tiny kitten head stuck in that tiny fence.

  • Don't touch.

  • I know, I know, I know.

  • Los Angeles Animal Rescue helped free the little feline.

  • Hey, Mr Nash.

  • Thanks for coming out.

  • They believe the stray cat regularly went in and out of the bottom of the fence, but one day got shot with a BB gun and frightened went through the wrong full.

  • A little mineral oil, some careful maneuvering.

  • And a short time later, the cat was free safely, people, we got her.

  • And for the rial celebration straight was taken to a local shelter where it was then adopted into its forever.

  • At just one week old, this alpaca has gotten itself into quite a sticky situation.

  • Just a little head, folks, up from this badger hole.

  • It happened on this Wisconsin for look at the concerned Mama waiting for her baby to be safely rescued.

  • After a bit of digging, Farmer John was able to get the pack out.

  • Not quite a stick in the mud, But you get this.

  • 66 year old man and his pet parent were on a stroll when the parent couldn't free itself from a recently dredged Lake in Illinois.

  • In what the owner, which is how they wound up here.

  • That's when the Fire Department was called.

  • This was a pretty tame pet so that he was more than happy to stay on his owner shoulder and ride the whole ride back to the shore.

  • Chief says the situation could have been dire, heavy not, and someone there in the part with him.

  • It's quite possible that he could have still been stuck there, but luckily, all is well in both parents, and a human turned out just fine.

  • Look at this Jughead, a raccoon confused because a jar is stuck on its head, crying the whole time in there.

  • So a couple who rescues animals was called in to help.

  • They used cooking oil to get the critter loose.

  • Proving peanut butter got him into quite the sticky situation.

  • Thanks for this Wild Fox got a little too hairy when it got stuck in a net.

  • Pennsylvania firefighters gingerly cut around the animal's head before setting him loose into the woods.

  • Forget hitchhiking.

  • This little girl wanted a ride, and she wanted it.

  • Now this koala got stuck in a car's wheel, arch and stayed there for 10 miles.

  • It's amazing and it's a It's a wine.

  • The road.

  • It's downhill, so that car would have been looking from side to side.

  • The driver had no clue the koala was there and only found it after parking and hearing cries from inside the car.

  • That's when Australia and fire officials were called and she was let out.

  • A local animal rescue organisation took Kelly to get checked out, kept her under observation for a week, then released her back into the wild.

  • And this rhino managed to get jammed up with a tire.

  • An animal conservation group in Zimbabwe noticed the rhino exhausted himself, trying to get rid of the rubber ring.

  • Working together, they got it off, and he was so hungry that immediately after the final step for us, next for inside edition dot com.

We'll put that there.


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一些最瘋狂的地方,這些動物被卡住了。 (Some of the Craziest Places These Animals Got Stuck)

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