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How can you make sure you're getting enough speaking practice outside the classroom?
This can be a real challenge for many English learners.
Let's take a look at a few ways you can start practicing your speaking.
Building your confidence is essential to improving your speaking.
The easiest place to start is with everyday situations.
If you are visiting an English-speaking country, try following a routine like going to the same coffee shop every morning to practice there.
If you feel like a challenge, you could go to the tourist information center for directions or ideas on what to do.
At home, you could focus on a new phrase or idiom you've heard or read, and practice using it.
Try repeating it to yourself first.
I know this sounds ridiculous, but when learning a new language, we sometimes have to do extreme things to help us.
Once you're ready, you can have a go with your classmates or friends.
Speaking of friends… always remember, you're not alone!
Chances are there'll be others in your class who may want to practice their speaking.
Set up a regular time with a friend or a group of friends to talk in English.
If you're a keen cook, you could even host an evening where you invite a few friends to come over for dinner and talk in English.
Or maybe you're a keen reader.
Why not start a book group to discuss your favorite books in English?
Are you worried that you're not pronouncing words properly and this is keeping you from practicing your spoken English?
Most dictionary websites and apps will have an audio of the word so you can check the pronunciation.
Depending on the app or website you're using, the accent will be a little bit different.
If you are looking for a specific accent, make sure to include it in your search.
Practicing pronunciation will build your confidence, which will in turn improve your fluency.


How to practise speaking outside the classroom

156 分類 收藏
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