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Today were going to teach you about
how to be more polite when speaking in English.
Hi, and welcome to our global classroom.
Before we begin our lesson on politeness today,
I'd like to ask you to please share this video with
anyone you think might need a little lesson
on how to be more polite.
So today, Wes and I are going to teach you
15 different ways to be more polite
when speaking in English.
And remember being polite gets you very far.
So Wes is going to tell you what not to say
and I will tell you what you should say
to be more polite.
Are you ready to be more polite?
Let's begin.
Okay, hopefully you can use these sentences
from now on to be more polite with your friends,
your family, your teachers, anyone...when you're speaking English.
And now we're going to put your politeness to the test.
Are you ready? Are you polite?
Are you feeling polite?
So here's the situation.
Let's say it's morning, and you're running a little late.
And you get to the coffee shop
and you really need some coffee.
In the comments below, please write what you
would say to order the coffee.
Like exactly the words you would use.
Okay, so please make sure it's the most polite way
you would ask for some coffee.
And, also please tell us what kind of coffee you'd order.
It's just fun to know.
So that's it. Thank you for being with us.
Thank you for learning about politeness.
Thank you for joining today's lesson.
And we'll see you next time.


How to Be MORE Polite in English | Common Phrases to Navigate the Culture

26 分類 收藏
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