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  • Today were going to teach you about

  • how to be more polite when speaking in English.

  • Hi, and welcome to our global classroom.

  • Before we begin our lesson on politeness today,

  • I'd like to ask you to please share this video with

  • anyone you think might need a little lesson

  • on how to be more polite.

  • So today, Wes and I are going to teach you

  • 15 different ways to be more polite

  • when speaking in English.

  • And remember being polite gets you very far.

  • So Wes is going to tell you what not to say

  • and I will tell you what you should say

  • to be more polite.

  • Are you ready to be more polite?

  • Let's begin.

  • Okay, hopefully you can use these sentences

  • from now on to be more polite with your friends,

  • your family, your teachers, anyone...when you're speaking English.

  • And now we're going to put your politeness to the test.

  • Are you ready? Are you polite?

  • Are you feeling polite?

  • So here's the situation.

  • Let's say it's morning, and you're running a little late.

  • And you get to the coffee shop

  • and you really need some coffee.

  • In the comments below, please write what you

  • would say to order the coffee.

  • Like exactly the words you would use.

  • Okay, so please make sure it's the most polite way

  • you would ask for some coffee.

  • And, also please tell us what kind of coffee you'd order.

  • It's just fun to know.

  • So that's it. Thank you for being with us.

  • Thank you for learning about politeness.

  • Thank you for joining today's lesson.

  • And we'll see you next time.

Today were going to teach you about


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如何更有禮貌地使用英語|英語文化中的常用短語導航 (How to Be MORE Polite in English | Common Phrases to Navigate the Culture)

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