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  • It's winter, it's cold, the mornings are darker, you're sleeping eight hours, but you still feel tired.

    冬季時分,天氣凜冽,早晨的天空較昏暗,你已經睡了 8 個小時卻依然疲憊。

  • Well, you're not alone.


  • So, here are my top four energy tips to beat the winter tiredness.


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  • Okay, tip number one: Open your curtains as soon as you get up.

    好,要點 1:起床後立刻拉開你的窗簾。

  • I know it sounds simple, but here's why.


  • Melatonin, you may have heard of it.


  • It's our bodies natural hormone that makes us feel sleepy.


  • Melatonin is linked to light; less light means more melatonin, and more lightyou guessed itmeans less melatonin.


  • So, you feel less sleepy, and that's the one.


  • So, get in as much natural daylight as you can into your homes, and try and go for a walk on your lunch break.


  • Tip number two:

    要點 2!

  • When summer ends, there's a temptation to ditch the salads and fill up with starchy comfort foods like potatoes, pasta, and bread, which means your blood sugar levels spike.


  • But then your body needs to work hard to balance it out, which causes a sugar crash and a sleepiness that we've all experienced.


  • So, include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your comfort meals, and I promise you'll have more energy and feel less tired.


  • Tip number three:

    要點 3!

  • Between October to March, you won't get enough vitamin D from the sun, and low vitamin D levels can make you feel tired.

    在 10 月到 3 月期間,你無法從陽光中獲得足量的維他命 D,而不足的維他命 D 會導致疲倦。

  • So, it's a good idea to buy some over-the-counter vitamin D3.

    因此,去藥局買一些維他命 D3 是一個好主意。

  • I always recommend taking 1,000 units daily, which is equivalent to 25 micrograms.

    我都會建議一天攝取 1000 單位,這等同於 25 微克。

  • It's also reasonably inexpensive; I pay £1.50 for a pack of 60, and that lasts me 2 months.

    它也相當便宜,我花了 1.5 英鎊買了一包 60 錠,這樣我可以吃 2 個月。

  • A few months ago, I made 2 videos about vitamin D, and it's got loads more information on it, so, feel free to check it out.

    幾個月前我做了一支有關維他命 D 的影片,裡面有更多相關資訊。你可以點擊去查看。

  • Tip number four:

    要點 4!

  • Exercise; I know it's probably the last thing you want to do when you're tired on a dark winter evening.


  • But focus on the positives; I'm sure you'll be surprised how energetic your endorphins will make you feel after getting involved in some kind of physical activity.


  • Remember, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise is all you need per week.

    記住,150 分鐘的適度運動是你一週所需的。

  • While it's normal to slow down over the winter, there are some medical conditions that could be causing your tiredness.


  • Sometimes, a lack of energy and enthusiasm can be a sign of winter depression, and it can affect 1 in 15 people.

    有時候,精神和熱情不足可能是季節性抑鬱症的徵兆,每 15 個人中就會有 1 人受其影響。

  • So, if you want to read more about it, click the link below for more information.


  • And if your tiredness is stopping you from going about your normal life or it's been going on for a long time, then always speak to your GP.


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It's winter, it's cold, the mornings are darker, you're sleeping eight hours, but you still feel tired.

冬季時分,天氣凜冽,早晨的天空較昏暗,你已經睡了 8 個小時卻依然疲憊。

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