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  • It's heartbreaking.

  • As millions of Americans lose their jobs and wait in line at food banks, farmers are destroying their crops.

  • The dairy industry has been particularly hit hard by the Corona virus crisis.

  • Consumption of milk is way down because schools and restaurants are closed.

  • We were there as New York state dairy farmer Patch.

  • A grim Shaw poured his entire production of milk for the day down the drain.

  • He's done it every day for three weeks.

  • Estimated loss.

  • $90,000 We've been dumping.

  • We've probably given away 500 gallons of melt so far to the public because legally we can't sell raw milk, but we can give it away so anything we can do to help our community, he says.

  • It's not practical to stop milking his cows.

  • There's no turning the cows to get up every morning, knowing you're gonna lose money and after work just as hard as you did the day before.

  • Across the USA.

  • Other farmers like Paul Allen of Florida, are also doing the unthinkable.

  • So far, we've lost over £4 million of green beans, over £5 million off of cabbage, and I have a former friend that left £10 million of tomatoes.

  • Millions of dollars in food have been donated, but farmers say there is only so much perishable food that charities can handle due to limited refrigeration.

  • He says the industry is just not able to give food to those in need.

  • The charity system just can't handle.

  • I can't even flowers are being thrown out.

  • In the Netherlands, 140 million tulips have been destroyed.

  • The entire season, which runs from Easter through Mother's Day, has been lost.

It's heartbreaking.


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為什麼冠狀病毒會迫使農民毀掉他們的作物? (Why Coronavirus is Forcing Farmers to Destroy Their Crops)

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