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  • I won a national championship with an original oration in 1953 or 54.

  • And the name of this speech was peace or freedom.

  • No presage of my later point of view, this speech, that the Communist menace was indeed a menace.

  • And if we were serious about being good Democrats and Christians, then we would get our act together and do something about those Russians.

  • Now, while we had the military advantage while the A bomb, as we still thought at that point, it wasn't true.

  • But we still thought that the A bomb was our exclusive advantage.

  • So why not use it now?

  • Why wait around for the diabolical step before the evil empire Thio catch up with us?

  • And that was at the same time, a period in which I thought of myself as as a working class trade union liberal.

  • My father was for 30 years a worker and a Goodyear tire and rubber, and, uh, he was a good union man, and I inherited from him the sense that but he had some responsibility towards its members against the philosophy of the devil.

  • Take the hind.

  • Most argued against that, but I think I was a lot like a lot of people in that period.

  • Frantic contradiction between liberal views as to domestic questions and really harshly conservative views as to the problem of the communist menace.

I won a national championship with an original oration in 1953 or 54.


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1953年他支持對俄羅斯使用原子彈。 (He Supported Using The Atomic Bomb On Russia In 1953)

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