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  • from my lecture, Mr Nasim.

  • Leah literally took them from no big deal.

  • Unless you shared.

  • Said about walnuts in the Philomena Begin.

  • Look att a imminent or Mr Yeah, Lou Trick first.

  • Wait, let me cook up.

  • I see.

  • Chillax.

  • Katherine, you're not home from ANA way with Booth.

  • You know, to talk Chinni, intra graffiti unit means dealing.

  • What on the person?

  • A little diesel T o T o that do He became the inner gate picking up from a dream.

  • It was the revelation.

  • Listen, I I know you.

  • Thank you.

  • You.

  • Oh, it's a lot to me.

  • Nearly cheat.

  • I'm glad.

  • Really?

  • For what?

  • Oh, uh, no, right.

  • Your little sister.

  • Uh, cool.

  • You get it?

  • It's still a predominantly.

  • You did take goods like on a parody.

  • Studly bro.

  • So it's pneumonia.

  • If the peelers Sure fostering a goblet was one.

  • Trust me with that.

  • A lump in my throat greets us.

  • But building a partner, Horst, and there's a wooded I see only stay alert on Get to a serenity.

  • Passage to the east has prescriptions.

  • Is this true?

  • Relief corps treat nutty gra cheeses.

  • A crunchy Liza yourself that Tom's Toe Doc going aggressively.

  • No.

  • Which is slow, Xena.

  • I don't go.

  • Already took.

  • That is nice.

  • Let's go now.

  • The Western Union man would visit their past.

  • Missed this little He's Nika.

  • You could play a role in our ocean in our ocean balance it.

from my lecture, Mr Nasim.


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B2 中高級

知名老虎專家被野虎咬傷--老虎樂園 (Leading Tiger Expert Mauled By Wild Tigress | Tigerland)

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