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  • when I was a kid in 96.

  • Jamaican left was way calm about now.

  • Kings scary.

  • Get this.

  • London had 133 murders in 2008.

  • Where's Jamaica had over 1200?

  • Kingston always appears on the list of most dangerous cities in the world.

  • Despite all that, it's an amazing thing that this tiny island has so much influence over world music.

  • What's the I remember?

  • Ain't nothing but some more.

  • It's Don't even think about.

  • Jamaica is tearing up the world with VIPs.

  • Doctor would seem revival in a global level.

  • So I'm going to meet.

  • Jamaica's dance was forced in rising star right in our popcorn.

  • A known as Mr Poppy Born Andre Hugh Sutherland in the parish, was sent on.

  • Mrs Manner put food on your interviews, but he's gonna link up with money.

  • Is the mad well right now?

  • Scientist Tricks Record label.

  • I've come to meet him in great a port, one of the most densely populated manners outside of Kingston, on the city's South Weezy side, A man of few words, he keeps his family close and travel everywhere.

  • 50 strong.

  • They roll within 24 7 I want to make a chain with him.

  • What?

  • Popcorn won't just flecks of anyone.

  • So I have to make sure he knows that my thing is ton up walking at least more on fun.

  • So we're at my right now through us this today and agreed that bought more on the side?

  • Yes, very unified.

  • A little delay, everything they see mercy General.

  • Still, Crop is a big dope and I go, I represent the UK who lies on me.

  • Time to float.

  • Let's do this.

  • I can't wait to be some of the torrent ducks.

  • One last thing.

  • Nitty gritty, streaky brookie.

  • Both him and my own year old bone in the old car Flipped food like Simon store.

  • So make it pop out bread.

  • Like in a good problem before to fund Calico Munna go for time.

  • Soft drinks in the situations.

  • Awkward.

  • Try to remember the teachings of Marcus But now the awards and Theodore Box Human grew up on game on now Only thing pretty hard.

  • Yeah, that's authentic.

  • Jamaican fucking wisely.

  • Gruesome.

  • Don't fool meets.

  • No, it's just timeto see if Poppy likes them.

  • Right?

  • Right.

  • What?

  • All right.

  • The tourists part should sit.

  • You don't feel like no type of danger.

  • I was blessed by God, like away in a manger.

  • I've got a big force Busy on my waist from a stranger Defontes guts!

  • My God!

  • Strike pops!

  • Anamika pumping Buck White 10 g type.

  • Quick!

  • Right, right, right!

  • You know them?

  • I know.

  • Psycho off to know.

  • Siro, I'm in the place where all the legends that sick Well, fucking chop.

when I was a kid in 96.


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大納斯蒂在牙買加和Popcaan一起說唱|大納斯蒂的大冒險。我的天!我的天!我的天!我的天!我的天!我的天 (Big Narstie Raps with Popcaan in Jamaica | Big Narstie's Big Adventure: Jamaica)

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