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  • I'm David Hoffman, filmmaker, long time filmmaker.

  • As you can see from my hair, the film you're about to see or the clip Blue Ridge Mountain Blues is a moment in 1965 when I went south to film the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina Bascom Lamar Lansford, the great old man of the mountains who was collecting songs for his festival.

  • I was 23 years old.

  • I read about it in Time magazine.

  • I wrote him a letter.

  • I picked up a 16 millimeter camera, which I barely know how to use, and I shot this scene.

  • There's something about it that gives a feeling for these wonderful people.

  • Wonderful then and now.

  • Wonderful culture, music, storytelling, poetry, decency between the people.

  • And there I am, 23 years old, riding in the car with basket and his wife, as they say.

  • It occurred to me that, uh, ago, you're speaking about this being in love, the country, and I said it.

  • Then wonder that mountain boy gets homesick when it gets away from home and gets the rough edge of the world.

  • And of course, that prompted the song Blue Ridge Mountain Blues.

  • It's known for well for your gun Booth Rich mountains blues and I stand right up and say The grip is packed for travel and I'm scratching gravel do that Blue Ridge Far way I know what day I returned Be shindig in the bone The folks from browse around with there be some fiddlers in the stone I got the booth blue and I stand right up and say My grip it Bank for travel and on scratching double for the booth.

  • I went down to Asheville, North Carolina, area to record this song and so many others on my channel because I just love this music.

  • I came from Long Island, and as a kid we used to hear the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night on radio and we'd step forward in What kind of music is this?

  • It's so great.

  • Mountain music, some country, some old timey.

  • I just could not believe it.

  • So when I got the chance at 23 years old, I went down there.

  • If you'd like to support me in my efforts to show more of my work, more my clips, please do so.

  • W w w dot patri on dot com forward slash all in a day or www dot paypal dot com.

  • Forward slash m e me forward slash David Hoffman films I would really appreciate it and thank you for watching.

I'm David Hoffman, filmmaker, long time filmmaker.


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阿巴拉契亞鄉村民謠在他們的車內唱歌--如此之美 (Appalachian Country Folks Sing In Their Car - So Beautiful)

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