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  • welcome to Space X Hero in the lobby.

  • It's very white right now, but they're actually some cool elements coming in soon that will make it less mine.

  • In front of the building, we have our engineering offices and space for about 300 people fearful, and we've got a total of about three floors that we can open right now.

  • Only the first floor is occupied.

  • We tried a person, which is a very open plan to maximize communication syndicates of fairly nice looking.

  • This place used to the quite dismal that's that's my office over there.

  • Actually, we really try to minimize the number of officers that we have because doors limit communication.

  • Everyone company, with exception of a few people like HR Finance, actually are in cubes, including the vice president's over there, this Quinn at her cue.

  • Although this is really reality, I guess I'm responsible for sales.

  • I'm in charge of making sure that there's revenue here in the company, and we're working on lots of 2nd 1 deal stopping ideals and drying.

  • So it's just a little area where people can meet on DDE, have sort of impromptu meeting.

  • Um, let's see, also very open.

  • I think it's actually quite helpful to have this openness because then you can still see what people are working on the computers.

  • Like what that McCune here is is doing, uh, what you working on there?

  • Making assembly documentation for the Drago.

  • Okay, David is is but driving the development of our in space thruster export break up.

  • And it is a piece of it for ex Texas attempt.

  • That's just a sample.

  • It's fun.

  • Kona, we're going over Texas testing facility down.

  • They're gonna vacuum system that for friars belongs right says the decoration is what is used in our back in spacecraft and also the episode of Falcon nine for orbital maneuvering and re entry.

  • But this is our meeting with Jackie meeting room full of meat without customers.

  • And it's be a CEO of a customer.

  • Comes in here or something like that.

  • It's kind of cool because it's got this glass that that goes up a HK, and we put a motion sensor on it.

  • So as you walk in, the glass goes up, take way.

  • Named our conference rooms after the Great Rocket engineers on great scientists related to space.

  • So we think they really deserve the credit for enabling us to become a space faring civilization.

  • So fairly science and engineering eccentric.

  • We have some some conscience named after astronauts to but try to focus more on the people that actually designed both rocket.

welcome to Space X Hero in the lobby.


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埃隆的SpaceX之旅--辦公室 (Elon's SpaceX Tour - Offices)

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