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  • Let's bring in Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman.

  • He's the author of Arguing With Zombies available now in Barnes and Noble's condescending nonfiction section.

  • Are There Paul?

  • First we wanted to talk about this upcoming relief package.

  • Congress is considering another trillion dollar turmeric and ginger shot to the economy.

  • The government sort of let us down with this last bill didn't even meet the bare essentials.

  • It just wasn't enough.

  • And you can agree with that, right?

  • Paul?

  • The bill was a lot could've been works.

  • It could easily have been hugely worse, given that the characters involved.

  • But it's ended up that it's it's It's a good first start, but we certainly are gonna need, um, at least a trillion more, probably more than that.

  • And you're right to mention people left behind Paul.

  • I mean, I think this bill absolutely needs some funding set aside for luxury pube trimmers.

  • I mean, there is no invite to the stimulus gala.

  • There were no charm bracelets with little ballet shoes on them.

  • When am I going to get some money for some Ah, home audio gear to finally start my history of Maserati podcast.

  • People need content right Now, I also think you should be able to endorse the stimulus check to your niece as payment for the full niece experience.

  • You know, Rich, you got a lot of nieces between the ages of 2125.

  • Very statue at gorgeous.

  • Well, moving on the news has been a real bummer lately.

  • So we thought we'd cheer people up with a new segment called What's the Good news, man?

  • Ask Paul Krugman, man as crew van.

  • So appalled.

  • Good news in the headlines today.

  • What do you got for us?

  • Oh, uh, wow.

  • Um, the, um it turns out I mean, tell us about your latest column, and maybe we'll jazz it up.

  • What have you written lately?

  • We've done a pretty good job of reacting faster, something we've never seen before.

  • There's nothing like this, but we pretty quickly concluded that what the appropriate policy is, which is put aside all of your pet projects.

  • I want infrastructure, But infrastructure is not the answer right now.

  • Some people always want tax cuts.

  • That's nothing.

  • That we really, really need is relief for the people who are necessarily unemployed.

  • That's right.

  • What do you think is the most efficient way to route that relief because people have been talking about different timelines for when they get the checks.

  • What do you think is the best way to do this?

  • The implementation is looking pretty bad because we don't have.

  • We've kind of undermined the capacity of government to do complicated things.

  • And so I would have gone for something that was much simpler and just bypassed most of the usual yet pretty serious situation.

  • Thank you to our guests Teddy Hopper, Eleanor Palmer and Paul Krugman.

  • You can catch his new master class on the fundamentals of burlesque.

  • This has been inside the hill.

  • Yabba dabba doo.

  • Who put that in the prompter?

  • I'm not mad.

  • Just tell me so.

  • Paul, What's a crew?

  • It's a jug.

  • It's a job.

  • So basically, I'm a jug man.

  • Paul.

Let's bring in Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman.


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諾貝爾獎得主保羅-克魯格曼與跳舞的薑餅人討論刺激政策 (Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman discusses stimulus with dancing Gingerbread Man)

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