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  • Hello lovely people!

  • A special hello to those of you watching this video because you genuinely want advice on

  • what to say to the LGBTQ+ people in your life. It's really amazing that you've clicked on this video,

  • thank you for taking the time and being open to learning new things.

  • Unlike my 'Things NOT to say to LGBTQ+ people', these are responses to situations rather than just...

  • stupid things people say.

  • - Because the idea of this video is to be actually helpful.

  • So I've broken them down into areas the 'Coming Out', 'Asking Questions' and

  • 'Being a pleasant and well rounded human being'

  • As I mentioned in the previous video, I only have experience of being the L in LGBTQ+ so

  • my lovely and helpful Twitter followers chimed in

  • I hope you enjoy the video aaaand...

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  • It's just so perfect!

  • Look at my cute wife! Ah!

  • I'm going to put one in every room of my house.

  • Positivity all over!

  • Now, he's what you SHOULD be saying:

  • [upbeat music]

  • Congratulations on knowing yourself that well.

  • If you need anything, I'm here for you.

  • You'll always have me in your life.

  • It's okay if you don't want to tell anyone else yet, I'm not going to talk about it.

  • Don't feel you, like, need to come out to everyone else at work as well but if you want me to

  • help facilitate that, I am totally here for you.

  • You're valid.

  • I hope your parents are being very supportive

  • but if they aren't then let me know how I can help you.

  • Do you want me to throw a party or just be very cool about it?

  • Because either way I'm here for you.

  • Yo, nice new name choice!

  • Hang on while I practice it

  • Sarah, sarah, sarah, sarah, sarah, sarah

  • Sarah!

  • If you don't mind me askingwhat does that word mean?

  • Is it okay if I ask somethingbut please don't feel pressured to answer.

  • Could you talk me through how to use your pronouns? I don't want to get it wrong

  • I don't really know what that means… I'm going to Google it

  • but are there any websites I should avoid or definitely read?

  • Whoa, I don't fully understand the difference between gender and sexuality and biological sex

  • but I'm going to look into it.

  • Would you be comfortable explaining the things I shouldn't say?

  • [upbeat music]

  • I'll support you no matter what.

  • Because I'm not a douche.

  • Your sexuality is about you as a person just as much as who you are dating.

  • Asexual people are complete and whole just the way they are.

  • I will now stop embarrassing myself by making assumptions about other people's bodies.

  • I understand that you being bisexual does not mean that you now fancy everyone.

  • Because I'm not a douche.

  • Hey, you don't have to have any medical intervention to be valid,

  • but should you want to, here is my credit card number and pin.

  • I support LGBTQ+ people!

  • I'm not entirely sure what all of the letters mean,

  • But I support it.

  • Bisexuality is its own identity and not half-gay, half-straight.

  • [smug] I know that now

  • I'm not attracted to you but I fully support your right to exist.

  • Because I'm not a douche!

  • I have no idea what your dating history is and I'm not going to ask!

  • I understand that disabled people can also be queer.

  • Because I'm not an arsehole.

  • This video is much shorter than the other one because LGBTQ+ people are

  • NORMAL people

  • and you can say NORMAL things

  • because everything is okay and you don't need to freak out.

  • You may sometimes get things a little wrong, and that's okay.

  • Just as long as you're trying, we really appreciate it.

  • But please also understand if we don't want to be your own personal QueerGoogle.

  • Some days we just don't have the energy for educating...

  • the world.

  • If you have some positive things you'd like to hear then please add them to the comments below!

  • Remember to subscribe if you're new and share this video with those who need to see it.

  • Aaand...

  • Don't forget to get your hands on one of those beautiful posters!

  • See you in my next video!

  • [kiss]

Hello lovely people!


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你應該對LGBTQ+的人說些什麼[CC]? (What You SHOULD Say To An LGBTQ+ Person [CC])

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