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  • Yes, that is correct.

  • You have been transported back in time via time machine to 2015.

  • Yeah, the blue hair is gone.

  • Um, surprise.

  • I'm just gonna get out the way because loads of you gonna ask.

  • I love the blue head tube.

  • I've had it for three years now, which is crazy coming up before the end of this year.

  • And it's just killing my hair, my treasury thin.

  • It's damaged because I've bleached indicted for three years straight with no kind of break whatsoever at the minute.

  • Obviously, it's a diet of brown, but eventually it will fade back to my normal natural color.

  • I'm gonna keep it that way.

  • So for those of you that Newman have never seen me without brown hair Welcome.

  • This is this is close to normal.

  • But there's one more thing I need to do.

  • A very important thing.

  • It is done.

  • Time, space and balance is restored.

  • Yeah, this is me.

  • From now on, I hope you like it.

  • Maybe the blue hair will come back in the future at some point, but for now, the goal is healthy hair, and this is the already way to achieve it.

  • That's all I've got to say.

  • Honestly, But I've also going Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

  • You guys found out yesterday because I posted a picture.

  • You could go for those.

  • That'd be great.

  • Apart from that, I might as well plugged the tour Here is well, because the tour is this month.

  • This month I'm doing a brand new show that no one has ever seen before is going to be sick.

  • Our link, the trailer and the linked by the tickets in the description below Come along is gonna be awesome.

  • Easily the best use uber show you will have ever seen.

  • Think of my last show.

  • Times 100.

  • It's gonna be that good.

  • That's pretty much It will be another video up today as well.

  • So this isn't the only surprise you're gonna get to see it.

Yes, that is correct.


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告別藍髮 (goodbye blue hair)

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