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  • Hello subscribers and others.

  • It's David Hoffman, filmmaker with another clip, this clip from 1979.

  • It's actually quite amazing.

  • So I'm in Chicago on I'm Doing a documentary on the Information Age.

  • The coming of the information age on one of the things they promised was a paperless office.

  • Do we have a paperless office to you of a paperless office?

  • I'm reading paper all the time.

  • I love paper.

  • That didn't happen.

  • So I'm in this office environment, and I'm looking for workers who were just going to describe what kind of paper they're dealing with.

  • And I ask this woman, Would you talk to me?

  • She says, Yeah, but I gotta be honest.

  • And I said, Absolutely, be honest.

  • So this is 1979 Chicago and what you're seeing is a work print work picture.

  • It's all I have.

  • It was in my basement.

  • I found this film.

  • I process it into digital and I see this wonderful woman.

  • So she's blunt.

  • She's honest.

  • She's charming.

  • I wish I knew who she was.

  • So I should thank her for being in this YouTube clip 1979 paperless office.

  • Are we going to see it What is she dealing with?

  • Give me some idea of where we are.

  • What?

  • How much stuff There is here.

  • What?

  • It's used for problems.

  • You have dealing with it All mountains.

  • We have over 600 items in this corporation.

  • About 300 of informs.

  • We have problems every day mounting.

  • Well, we have the place open two hours each day, whereas the departments and our corporation can come down and pick up supplies and carry them out on their arms.

  • At this time, we have all kind of questions like no one knows the item number, wrong item, numbers, own descriptions.

  • You name it, we get it.

  • Not all 300 forms.

  • What kind of boards?

  • Name, money.

  • That's everything in the building, everything is written on paper.

  • Very.

  • Make a phone call.

  • You need to return.

  • It is written on a member pants.

  • If you want, um, have someone to do another job, usually write it down.

  • Maybe if the bosses and around help isn't around.

  • You ever feel sinking under a mountain or ocean at least once a week at least once a week?

  • We have so many forms as you can see that we could probably go into business myself gets out.

  • It's gonna get out of control.

  • Always.

  • But so far, not yet.

  • Tell me how you feel about it.

  • I could burn it.

  • Oh, yes.

  • Yeah.

  • I would probably burn my pager.

  • Uh, I'm gonna ask you gonna tell you word?

  • Tell me what comes Rockers.

  • I couldn't say it.

  • I'm not supposed to hit it.

  • That's what comes to my mind.

  • Government.

  • I mean, government.

  • Good, bad.

  • Too much bad and too much.

  • That was a point in question.

  • Why did Why aren't just well, that that was the government was in the first thing that came to my mind, but the government was my second choice.

  • Now, if you're still watching, I'd like you to tell me what you think of the paperless office.

  • And how do you deal with paper for me?

  • I don't read on a computer screen.

  • I cannot read on the computer screen with any depth.

  • When I want to really read something I printed out.

  • But my son, who's 18 he reads on a computer screen.

  • He can't stand paper.

  • Are we going to actually see a paperless office or paperless home?

  • Are you dealing with paper?

  • Less than you used to Give me a sense of it.

  • Leave me a comment.

  • Thank you.

Hello subscribers and others.


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1979年,無紙化辦公室的承諾對她來說是胡扯。 (The Paperless Office Promise Was Baloney To Her In 1979)

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