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  • you did something that sounds like it raised a lot of money, but also sounds like something spectacular.

  • I really wish I had seen this.

  • Which is you did a feeding America on.

  • You did it with a table read of a script with the entire cast of Big Mouth.

  • I would love to see you guys do that.

  • There's a live table read over Zoom with basically our entire cast.

  • And yeah, and And we we did it.

  • We did it on Zoom, and it went straight into YouTube.

  • And throughout we just tried toe amplify feeding America, which is a great organization that is trying to help everyone in need who needs food.

  • And they support over 200 food banks around the country.

  • And they're So we were able through that, a live broadcast on YouTube, and then it's still up on YouTube.

  • People want to see it.

  • Yeah, yeah, it's it's it's a great idea, and you guys have such an amazing cast that and it's also one of the shows where it's fun, I would imagine, because I'm a fan of Big Mouth and I know a lot of you guys personally.

  • But to see you do the characters, uh, and then be able to imagine the characters a CZ they're animated would be really fun.

  • It was Yeah, it was great.

  • It was.

  • And I think, honestly, it was pretty early in into this whole thing.

  • And it was, I think, nice for everybody to get together, just even over zoom and see each other and do something that felt a little lighter and and also for, hopefully, people out in the world like just to give them something to watch.

  • Yeah, I think we're extraordinarily lucky to be working in a weird business where we can still do what we do from home.

  • I feel very grateful about that.

  • I mean that you and I can still make this ridiculous foolishness and be, you know, keeping people employed and working with our people over zoom men.

  • They were extraordinarily lucky.

  • We're very lucky to get to do that.

  • We are not.

  • Most lot of people are not having that experience.

  • And so I'm I'm I'm very I feel very grateful, and I'm, you know, just trying to figure out ways that weaken help other people who are not in this privilege situation for any number of reasons.

you did something that sounds like it raised a lot of money, but also sounds like something spectacular.


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尼克-克羅爾主持了一個虛擬的 "大嘴 "表讀--TBS的CONAN。 (Nick Kroll Hosted A Virtual “Big Mouth” Table Read - CONAN on TBS)

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