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  • after high school, I went to school for two years and I was hopefully learning how to be a secretary.

  • Um, I looked around and I thought, I do not want to be a secretary.

  • I haven't even learned how to type in two years.

  • Ah, this is definitely not something I wanted to do.

  • Um, I had a a girlfriend, girlfriend, and I We were, um I guess kind of kind of the rebels.

  • At that time, I was going to school in Boston and she and I just just kind of clicked and and we started to break out out of the mold.

  • We used to, uh, hitchhike around Boston, and it was it was easier than taking the empty A or by the bus.

  • We decided that we we really needed to to see the world together.

  • And the airlines were hiring.

  • They're they're hiring lots of people at that time because stewardesses only stayed for six months basically, and, um, we went for interviews, and we're both hired by the airlines.

  • And six months later, we were living in New York in an apartment with all the freedom we had always wanted, with everything at our at our disposal except a lot of money.

  • But it was great.

  • I mean, we had managed and, you know, I felt that I had managed to break out of the mold that was always said in front of me.

  • And I can remember, um, first of all, telling my parents that I was going to be a stewardess.

  • They were appalled at the idea.

  • And then I went back to my high school and I went to a Catholic high school, and I told the the head none that I was going to be a stewardess.

  • And I thought she was going to just fall right off her chair.

  • She thought it was the worst thing in the world that I could possibly be doing and that I was damned to a life of San.

  • And I was going to hell.

  • Um, and she prayed and she told me that sitting there it was, but I But it was what I had to do to break out of the mold that I had fallen into.

  • And I knew at that time that I that I was not going to, um, probably settle down with the white picket fence and have lots of kids.

  • Um, I was I was still thinking about marrying my high school sweetheart at that time, but I knew in the back of my mind that this this has been more of a break for May.

  • Then then just a career.

  • It was it was a whole life lifestyle break and that I probably would not end up marrying this people.

  • And I wasn't even sure at that point that I ever wanted to have Children.

  • What I thought I was getting into when I became a stewardess in the sixties was to be independent.

  • First of all, that was that was the main thing independent.

  • Um, I have spent a lot of time traveling back and forth from Boston to Rochester as I went to school, and I I liked it.

  • Probably superficial.

  • But I liked the way they looked, and I liked the freedom that I thought they had in the exciting lives I thought they had.

  • I thought it looked it looked glamorous in the uniforms, were wonderful.

  • Um, Then they they flew on Jenny airplanes and head up the opportunities that never, never could be imagined.

  • So by breaking, breaking out of that mold.

  • I had all of this at my disposal.

  • However, uh, when I when I arrived there, it was not quite the way I thought it was going to be.

  • Um, I think I think it's done.

  • What started with the airlines in the sixties and progressed into the seventies before the woman's movement really put a clamp on it was that I'm Cindy fly me.

  • Um, it was an exploitation of woman.

  • Ah, young, innocent females.

  • Because that time you could not be married, you had to be single.

  • It was.

  • The airlines used the stewardess as an advertising, uh, gimmick that, um, would lure male passengers.

  • Um, we had a flight that went from New York to Chicago five o'clock in the afternoon.

  • And if you're not a man, you could not book on that flight.

  • Uh, it was an all men's flight.

  • We gave out free liquor, free cigars and little prices.

  • It was it was a gimmick.

  • And the stewardesses on that flight were part of the gimmick to attract the passengers.

  • When when you signed on for this life of liberation, you actually we're we're signing in blood because your life was was not liberation.

  • When you went in for your trip, you were Your appearance was checked.

  • But not only your parents, but you were asking sometimes pinch to make sure that you were wearing a girl.

  • Ah, the rules and regulations were We're like the military.

  • Um, she was polished, nails done, hair groomed and in a certain wear, our hair could not be any longer than chin length.

  • Um, there were some some girls who did have longer hair, but they had to wear wicks.

  • It was extremely regimen it.

  • The airline had expectations for both on the job performance and also off the job.

  • And they were a part of your life.

  • Whether you're on the airplane or not.

  • You you could not be married.

  • Uh, and you had to resign when you were 32 years old.

  • If you for some reason did become pregnant, they were helpful in finding an adoption agency.

  • No one would be told it would be totally secret.

  • If you wanted to have an abortion, they would would know about it.

after high school, I went to school for two years and I was hopefully learning how to be a secretary.


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