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  • uncle.

  • First you go first.

  • Farmers in Wisconsin got quite a surprise when one of their goats went into labor and was having some trouble delivering.

  • You can figure out what was going on at first, and I took me a little bit.

  • I realize that there was the two heads were connected, so I called my mom and dad, and we're very shocked to see you two heads, Jocelyn Nesky says.

  • It's only been a few days, but Janice is a lot like the other goats.

  • They don't know what the cause of this condition is or if it's life threatening.

  • But he seems to be just a curious and energetic as any kid.

  • He has some limits.

  • His head is heavy, it's very heavy.

  • So he has been getting better and holding his head up.

  • He's very feisty.

  • He wants to get up and move around.

  • But he she has troubles with balance and controlling his legs and his neck.

  • Yeah, he's very sweet.

  • He's a fighter.

  • He's also hungry.

  • Okay, again, with two mouths taking in food, he's getting all of the nourishment he needs to grow big and strong.

  • He hasn't seen a veterinarian yet.

  • His owner's heir trying to protect him and themselves from any possible Corona virus exposure.

  • In the meantime, Janice seems to be enjoying life and now has a social media fan base that is actively watching him charge forward.

  • He's very happy.

  • He's very spoiled.

  • I think he knows it, too.

  • For inside edition dot com, I'm Marrow Montalbano.



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震驚的威斯康星州農民的雙頭山羊誕生了 (2-Headed Goat Born to Shocked Wisconsin Farmers)

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