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  • we continue to ask every night.

  • What's next for America?

  • Will there be a second wave of the virus?

  • And tonight the race to ramp up testing for antibodies to see if we've had exposure to the virus?

  • Not knowing if perhaps we have any immunity.

  • The major new trial underway tonight and state hard hit Michigan.

  • Here's Matt Gutman Tonight, amid fears of a second wave of the virus, the nation's largest antibody test, 38,000 employees at Beaumont Health Center in Michigan started screening to see who has covert antibodies and could be immune, the CDC director saying these tests need to be in place ahead of the next spike.

  • Emergency workers getting them in California Everyone's concerned that, you know, we get over the apex of the curve.

  • They're worried about a spike again, downstream and now emerging.

  • Ah, case of the virus, possibly striking twice.

  • Okay only became infected in March.

  • She had mild symptoms and was believed to have made a full recovery, testing negative about a week ago.

  • But on Monday she died from covert 19 in 1918.

  • The Spanish flu first struck in March.

  • It then subsided.

  • It's second wave far more deadly than the first, the pandemic, ultimately killing more than 50 million people worldwide.

  • If we do something stupid, you will see those numbers go right back up tomorrow period and across the country tonight.

  • An experimental plasma treatment allowing patients who've had the virus and recovered to donate their blood.

  • It's now being fast tracked by the FDA.

  • Randy Spires is in critical condition.

  • His daughter is begging for someone to donate plasma to save him.

  • I hate to say it's our last hope, but it is our next hope.

  • There are indications that treatment may work.

  • Jimmy Hayden's wife dropped him off at the hospital on April 2nd.

  • By seven o'clock that night, he was on a ventilator.

  • I did not expect he's been intubated since then.

  • Last Thursday, he got the plasma treatment, and on Monday it was able to give his wife, Ashley, that thumbs up.

  • His doctors now say he might be taken off the ventilator today.

  • If you could talk to that first donor, what would you say to him?

  • Because I don't know what to say other than thank you, Andi.

  • I don't think it expresses enough of how I feel so much hope across this country that those treatments will work.

  • Matt joins us from Los Angeles tonight, and Matt, you just spoke with California's governor about any potential second wave of this virus who asked him about testing and, of course, the tracking and tracing of people to try to keep infections down when we slowly reopened.

  • That is gonna be one of the most important things, he told me David Now, in the past, when the virus just broke out, he said, it was the health department that tracked and traced people around the state, for instance, those thousands of people who got off those Corona virus afflicted cruise ships.

  • Now he hopes technology could do the job.

  • APS that could tell you in a flash alert whether you've been exposed to the virus or if someone should be in isolation, will get a flash alert to get back inside and away from the public.

  • David sounds encouraging, but they've got to get this ready and quickly mad as you know, Matt, think hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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we continue to ask every night.


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