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  • over for one and welcome to another video.

  • Now it's a pretty boring video if you're not into the sort of thing, but had loads of requests from you guys in the comments to update you on the situation regarding the scam Laptop buyer.

  • If you don't know.

  • Basically what happened is I sell my old laptop online, sent it off with a new SSD installed on DDE a couple of days after sending off the cellar, contacted me and let me know that it wasn't working.

  • As it turned out, when they sent it back, they had kept the SST for themselves and attempted to get a full refund from me.

  • Whoa!

  • At the same time, keeping the SST on dhe for some reason, hoping that I would not notice pretty stupid if you ask me.

  • But apparently there are certain people out there, so I just wanted to update you guys on the situation as so many of you asked about it.

  • The first thing that you want to say the eBay had nothing to do with this.

  • I did not sell the laptop on eBay, as many of you assumed, I used another.

  • Let's just say big name company with their own payment service.

  • I didn't want to disclose the company because in some ways it's still on going case.

  • But what I will say is that I actually messaged the buyer once again and link them to the original video.

  • Perhaps a mistake in hindsight.

  • And within a few hours I received a reply from the buyer who said they watched the video on.

  • We're willing to send me the SSD back.

  • I'm a little upset that it took a video with about 70,000 views on it.

  • Now to actually prompt this person toe get back to me.

  • But as of this point in time, they said they're going to send it back.

  • It hasn't arrived with me just yet.

  • This was a couple of days ago now, but I'm sure that the SST will be back with me in a couple more days time when it does arrive, opposed to picture on Twitter off me, holding it next to the current day's newspaper or something like that just to let you know that it has arrived safely now in cases like this, where the buyer turns out to actually be the scammer, there's not much you can do about it other than deal with it directly through the company in which you sold your product with its a little harder than if you purchased something and got ripped off because you can came an immediate refund.

  • And on most sites, buyers always win.

  • But in this case, it's a little harder to avoid things like this.

  • If you are selling your use laptops or peces or other computer based components online, then there really isn't a ll that much you can do.

  • And I have to say, I've never experienced anything like this before, so it's probably quite unlikely that something similar would happen to you.

  • I just found the whole situation a little bit odd, but I'm glad that it's finally about to be resolved, and I should receive my SSD back any day now, providing that tree.

  • Send the correct SSD back and not another broken one.

  • Perhaps they're gonna double scare me.

  • Perhaps they're going to send me another broken one that they bought to replace my one that was working and then they're going to send that to me, who knows, But like a sale update you once again for one final time.

  • When I do receive that back in my possession, videos will be back to normal as of tomorrow.

  • I just wantedto letyou guys on these current situation because a lot of you did wonders.

  • I was always thank you for watching leave a life.

  • You enjoyed it.

  • Leave it decide if you didn't subscribe to the General if you haven't done so already and hopefully I'll see you all in the next one.

over for one and welcome to another video.


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關於 "騙購筆記本電腦 "情況的最新進展。 (An Update On The "Scam Laptop Buyer" Situation)

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