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  • And now it's a Ouija Korea Stones, Ira oven buying me that.

  • And you, as they are young Sumida when they would talk Egypt Korean is had you having us all from chaos and dedicate a also Well, they're young says Yeah, I'm gay has all Cubans homer ritual and they are on the rent on this show.

  • I'm gay.

  • I'm gay.

  • Okay.

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  • And Yossi uh, Manasso from gas in Media Tonin we on stream media so mean See, Aunt Avon, you tone it, Play out.

  • Well, look, it's exciting.

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  • Got me that.

  • Oh, Diane, Your tardiness, Manya.

  • Konica Bloom.

  • Water, Manya.

  • Public balls.

  • Em od gone.

  • India.

  • Pull that.

  • I'm gonna hold on a second.

  • It okay?

  • Singled her guardian.

  • Startin Pamela.

  • Oh, yeah, Amita that I work Kyle and young touchiness saw Wouldn't Manya Pamela PSA Too young in the day is sung jogging in support.

  • Jang is Haruko are going in solemn duty.

  • Barton Dale!

  • He goes on time.

  • What then?

  • Single!

  • Gimme that!

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  • Okay, no matter how gonna harder puzzle insider hockey behind me, could he go oxidize hunting?

  • Huh?

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  • John Casey.

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  • We're talking xango EuroVan the Yagi Tikolo from get sale.

  • Could he go?

  • Owner Young's anger?

  • It's help me get her put up around so Iowa could Look, It's a paradoxical.

  • So he stuck around the one It's hot out here, cut off, putting them homes to go.

  • Anyone there?

And now it's a Ouija Korea Stones, Ira oven buying me that.


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如何正確地對韓國朋友說 "你好"|超級簡單的韓語 19 (How to properly say HI to your Korean friends | Super Easy Korean 19)

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