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  • When I met him first online, I found him to be really sweet.

  • I think I was the one who was talking for an hour.

  • He was just listening.

  • When we met, I saw her.

  • She was a beautiful, intelligent and kind, which was, I mean, something that I was I was looking for and shoe and soon meet our one off.

  • About 12 million couples get married in India every year, unlike their Parentsgeneration, then not from too close villages but from two cities on opposite sides of the country.

  • And their love didn't start through community matchmaking, marriage brokers or classified ads in newspapers, but began online.

  • So we made to even started Our comes.

  • So it's basically an online portal where we have detailed profile of different grooms and brides.

  • It makes a lot off.

  • Remote profiles were located in distant areas more accessible thanks to growing Internet and smartphone usage.

  • Matrimony websites and absent India is starting to disrupt the matchmaking industry.

  • Maur and more people are finding their partners.

  • And at the click of a mouse, he even said he dot com, where Ancho and Samy met is one of the biggest players.

  • Young Indians looking for love set up profiles, including their cast and horoscope.

  • But their criteria for choosing spouses appears to be changing way.

  • Have seen the shift from, you know, traditional caste community conservative perimeters to something like which is more focused on education.

  • Employment insurance.

  • Ooh, meets marriage was initiated by their parents, but modern Indian couples like them have more input than previous generations.

  • We looked up to them tow, agree for the proposal, but it was primarily our decision that we wanted to be with each other you used the most.

  • There's a bed which basically we used for indicating a hug.

  • Time flies when you're in love.

  • Just 1.5 months after they first met online, a couple got engaged.

  • They decided to hold their wedding less than three months later.

  • But planning a traditional Hindu wedding on such short notice is no easy task.

  • Massive event, usually lost three days, has various ceremonies and celebrations and involves the entire two families and hundreds of guests.

  • Luckily, there are websites and apps for that line with brigade and finalize.

  • The venue makes the foster innovation startups like the Wedding Brigade, a challenging traditional wedding planners in this $50 billion industry it provides various service is from booking banquet venues to buying wedding gowns.

  • The website makes money by charging commission from vendors.

  • People don't want to be limited toe what is available around them.

  • They want to know the entire range of options available before making a decision on our easy to find.

  • Almost everything on one port and shoe and soon meet are officially married in a ritual that has gone on for thousands of years.

  • But their love started in a very new way.

  • Technologies might be changing the way couples meet, date and get married in India, but they're definitely not changing everything.

  • Technology was only there for us level and that we could get to find each other.

  • Everything else was like very early and emotions and feelings.

When I met him first online, I found him to be really sweet.


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通過電話相親在印度 (Matchmaking by Phone in India)

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