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  • America Strong, the doctor who saw someone else in need of help tonight.

  • The image that struck us.

  • Irena Bar, a housekeeper at Spring Valley Hospital in Las Vegas.

  • Among the many all over this country cleaning patient's rooms.

  • I see youse all with patients with Corona virus, and in this moment, what are the doctors?

  • Dr.

  • Kevin Suey saw Irene about to go into one of his patients rooms to clean.

  • He said, Let me do it for you.

  • That's Dr Suey wearing protective gear clean for Irene, the moment captured by one of the nurses tonight.

  • Meet Irene Irene, telling us she was grateful for the doctor's kindness.

  • I feel like I you know, but he I said, Thank you so much and he goes off course I you know we love you.

  • Irene says she is proud to do her job.

  • Although I see you a nurses, doctors, we are family, we part of the family shattered, and Dr Shui says we're all in this together.

  • Take care of the patients will start first and foremost goal and, uh, detective each other.

  • That's the biggest thing.

  • Help each other out, you know, never above somebody never below somebody's just right beside them.

  • Every single step, we celebrate all of the housekeepers and that doctor Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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America Strong, the doctor who saw someone else in need of help tonight.


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醫生為醫院的管家打掃房間 - WNT (Doctor cleans room for hospital housekeeper | WNT)

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