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  • The problem is that we're not living up to our full potential because we're not in the habit of living up to our fort.

  • The lie in personal development is that you could go through yourself that you're gonna find meaning by just doing the hard work on yourself on the inside.

  • The truth of the matter is, that's a great place to start, but all it's gonna do is take you to the starting line.

  • It's not going to get you to a life of meaning to a life of fulfillment.

  • It actually all that hard work.

  • It gets you to the edge of where the hard work begins.

  • I'm Stephen Collar in The New York Times bestselling author and a restudy ultimate human performance.

  • But what does it take to be your best when it matters most?

  • Your favorite athlete, your favorite business leader, your favorite artists?

  • Have you ever wondered what keeps them going?

  • You spend time around the best in the best, the world's most elite performers.

  • They all seem to have an extra gear.

  • While most people are still kind of getting into the starting gate.

  • Thes people have are really tackle whatever challenges in front of them and they're moving on to the next one.

  • Developed the habit of ferocity, thehe bill it automatically and instantaneously rise any of life's challenges.

  • What is the habit of ferocity?

  • It sounds really fancy.

  • It sounds like it's about aggressions, but none of those things.

  • What it's about is about stacking up all possible motivators, everything that evolution shaped us to be driven by.

  • This is about getting in them into his tight stack to get your biology will work for you that there are neural chemicals like norepinephrine and dopamine on these air pleasure chemicals.

  • They're the brain's principal reward drugs, but they're also focusing mechanism.

  • So if you can line up all possible motivators, you're essentially lining up all of the drivers that evolution has created getting him one tight stack and the result maximizes mo mentum.

  • Then you layer in autumn ization of grit, autumn ization of risk.

  • Taking this triple threat combination is what's gonna help you go A.

  • To be far faster than ever, possibly imagine gonna have to wake up one day and go, Oh my God, how if I possibly gotten this far, it's the habit of ferocity.

  • Most of us are hard wired to the habit of NPR.

  • We're hardwired to take the path of least resistance.

  • We're hardwired to go after a short term pleasure in short term pleasure in short term pleasure.

  • And the secret to solving all these issues is toe automate the hard stuff.

  • So you automate motivation, automate grit, automate risk taking automated Tommy, all the things that really, really go into a meaningful life, you lay them down as fundamental habits.

  • So they happen.

  • Before you even noticed that happened.

  • Over the course of five weeks, in the habit of ferocity, we're gonna start out by giving you a foundation and flow foundation, an opera performance.

  • On top of that, we're gonna layer in kind of an intrinsic motivation layer.

  • So we're gonna learn how to turn curiosity and passion, passion into purpose and layer in Tana and mastery thes are the core of intrinsic motivators.

  • Are internal drivers would drive us forward.

  • This is going to give us enough momentum to get us into the game.

  • We're then gonna tune this whole process off proper goal setting technique exploring the three levels of gold you need to maximize engagement on top of that we're gonna explore two precursors to grit these air.

  • Kind of the foundations of perseverance, the foundational level of grip that you actually need to stay in the game.

  • And then we're gonna explore the six levels of grit.

  • Most people, when they think about great, they just think about in terms of perseverance, which is great, which is critical.

  • But there are five other levels that most people don't want to talk about her I don't know about.

  • We're gonna explore all those.

  • Finally, we're gonna learn how to turn all this into the habit of ferocity, ability to automatically instinctively rise to any challenge.

  • Truth of matters.

  • If you really want a meaningful life, you're always gonna be pushing a little harder, Pushing a little harder and pushing a little hard ass kicking never stops.

  • It doesn't get easier.

  • We have this idea.

  • And, boy, did I want to believe this idea that, like once you get to some level of success, it was gonna get easier.

  • Somehow I was gonna wake up one morning and be like, Oh, I can just do the work and I don't have to like, know the ass kicking never goes away.

  • In fact, it wraps up on ramps up.

  • So what ends up happening is, in a sense, the habit of ferocity is a way of kind of being able to take that ass kicking, which is always gonna keep coming at you and turning into challenge and turning into excitement.

  • It doesn't come in like an ass kicking.

  • Instead, the challenge comes in here like, Look what I get to do next, huh?

The problem is that we're not living up to our full potential because we're not in the habit of living up to our fort.


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凶殘的習慣》 作者:史蒂文-科特勒(Steven Kotler) (The Habit of Ferocity By Steven Kotler)

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