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  • We'll watch faces.

  • Magician.

  • 18.

  • We can.

  • Now that I've met Alan, I thought I'd take advantage of for impressive group of friends.

  • Please give a warm welcome to Emily.

  • Blood like that is I love that movie.

  • Do you know what Googling indicated?

  • Like a basketball.

  • Know that all the cards back to come on, man.

  • Except for long car.

  • What was your card?

  • Come on, don't bother to do that.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Only for, like, rock your world any Aidan's magic.

We'll watch faces.


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A2 初級

艾丹的魔法角》第一季:官方預告 (‘Aidan’s Magic Corner,’ Season 1: Official Teaser)

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