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  • We're for my first time with this orchestra.

  • It's a peace.

  • I have done a lot elsewhere.

  • But doing for the first time in New York just need formatted of Mahler.

  • I've gotten so much artistic satisfaction from doing this piece with Tom Hampson, one of our former artists in residence.

  • He has such a affinity for the music of Mahler and his his way.

  • Interpreting the leader of Muller's is, I think, unbelievably distinctive.

  • I love what he brings to this piece, but that's only half of it because there's a nen enormous and fiendishly difficult tenor part.

  • Stephan Vinca is so hot right now, has had such a success in the ring in Seattle.

  • He's he's the kind of tenor who has the withthe power but also the the agility, his voice that you need.

We're for my first time with this orchestra.


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艾倫-吉爾伯特--地球之歌 (Alan Gilbert — Das Lied von der Erde)

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