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  • Hi, I'm Carl Azuz, we're going to the library today on CNN 10.

    嗨,我是 Carl Azuz,今天的 CNN 10 我們來到了圖書館。

  • But Carl, you might be thinking, the library's [is] closed.

    你可能會想:但是 Carl,圖書館沒有開啊!

  • Yes, but some are still openedto the idea of helping others and we're going to show you how.


  • As far as reopening businesses to the public goes, a handful of U.S. states are now drawing up plans to do that.


  • Places that are seeing coronavirus cases and deaths level out or even decrease want to get people back to work and restart the engine of commerce.


  • But as Texas Governor Greg Abbott puts it, it's not going to be an everyone is open all at once situation.

    但德州州長 Greg Abbott 表示,不會一下就開放所有東西。

  • Slow, steady and planned are the ways governors want to go about this.


  • We told you how Wuhan, China, the first city where the COVID-19 outbreak was reported, lifted its lockdown last week.


  • In Italy, the lockdown is still in place but a small number of businesses were allowed to reopen on a trial basis starting Tuesday and these are businesses that are considered non-essential like bookstores and children's clothing stores.


  • Pharmacies and grocery stores are considered essential and have been allowed to stay open during the lockdown.


  • In Spain, around the capital of Madrid, an estimated 300,000 non-essential workers including some in construction have gotten back to work.

    在西班牙首都馬德里,約 30 萬名非必要產業員工已回到公司上班。

  • But it's a different story in France which is extending its restrictions and keeping its borders closed for another month.


  • And in India where coronavirus cases continue to increase, the nationwide lockdown has been extended until May 3rd.


  • Most of the American public is under stay-at-home orders.


  • This means not being able to go to the library, though many of them are offering books, shows and movies online.


  • But even with their physical doors closed, they're still providing a valuable service.


  • Vi Ha, manager of the L.A. Central Library's Octavia Labs for Do-It-Yourself Projects, was ready to shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and then...

    洛杉磯中央圖書館 Octavia 實驗室有個「自己做專案」,經理 Vi Ha 本因疫情爆發要關閉此專案,但...

  • We got an email right as we were closing from a doctor and saying can you make PPE.

    在我們準備關門時,收到從一名醫生傳來的電子郵件,詢問我們是否可以製造 PPE。

  • PPE or personal protective equipment.

    PPE 就是個人防護設備。

  • Vi Ha and her team said yes, partnered with a non-profit called LACY which develops clean technologies to make functional face shields.

    Vi Ha 與她的團隊答應了,並與一個非營利組織 LACY 合作,該組織有可以做面罩的技術。

  • They started with a shipment of 70.

    他們一開始的產量約為 70。

  • We added foam for comfort.


  • Elastic for it to stay on and what's nice about this version that it folds all the way to the top and also covers from droplets entering through the eyes from the top.


  • PPE are popping out of libraries 3-D printers across the country.

    PPE 開始在全國各地圖書館中的 3-D 列印機中產出。

  • At the University of Utah, library staff tapped campus brain power to make an estimated 1,200 face shields for hospitals.

    猶他大學中,圖書館員利用大學生們的腦力,製作了約 1,200 個面罩給各方醫院。

  • The fact is there's a bit of an emergency going on in a lot of situations and it's really awesome to be able to participate in a solution.


  • As many libraries are sharing online how to make PPE to defend doctors and nurses, the librarians are showcasing skills that extend far beyond the reference desk in this pandemic.

    許多圖書館員在網路上分享如何製造 PPE 來為醫生與護士出力,展現了他們的技能不僅只有在櫃台提供人們資訊。

  • One that we are adaptable.


  • Two, we believe truly, truly in the public good which is why we get into this work.


  • And number three, it's like we're here to help.


  • The question of when America's non-essential stores open is a nail-biter for businesses.


  • From mom-and-pop shops to barber shops, clothing stores to corporate giants, retailers are increasingly desperate to get back to sales.


  • And some retail analysts say companies like Sears and J.C. Penny, which survived the Great Depression and the Great Recession, may not survive the coronavirus crisis.

    有零售分析師說像 Sears 或 J.C. Penny 這些撐過「經濟大蕭條」與「經濟大衰退」的公司,可能撐不過這次的疫情。

  • J. Crew and Neiman Marcus are in the same boat.

    J. Crew 與 Neiman Marcus 處境相同。

  • These are companies that were struggling with debt and decreasing sales before COVID-19 arrived in America.


  • And while there's still a good chance they'll be around when coronavirus passes, it won't be easy for them.


  • In a sea of retail bankruptcy, J.C. Penny's future looks uncertain.

    在一片零售商的倒閉潮中,J.C. Penny 的未來變得模糊。

  • The iconic American retailer known for its low prices and deep discounts is now billions of dollars in debt and hasn't been profitable since 2010.

    這家著名的美國零售商以低價與折價券聞名,但現在負有數十億美金的債務,且從 2010 年起就沒再賺過錢。

  • But long before sales started sinking and debt started rising, J.C. Penny helped transform the retail industry.

    但在銷售下降、債務高築之前,J.C. Penny 可是改變了整個零售產業。

  • In 1902, James Cash Penny opened up a branch of a dry goods chain called The Golden Rule in Wyoming.

    1902 年時,James Cash Penny 在懷俄明州開了乾貨連鎖店「The Golden Rule」。

  • At the time Penny's business practices were revolutionary.

    在當時,Penny 的企業做法是革命性的。

  • To keep prices low, he banned haggling which was a common practice at the time.


  • That meant every customer paid the same ticketed price.


  • Penny also encouraged employees to serve customers well.

    Penny 也鼓勵員工好好服務顧客。

  • His motto was serve the public to its ultimate satisfaction.


  • He was dedicated to being ethical applying the store's name The Golden Rule to both customers and employees.

    他致力於遵守倫理道德,對顧客與員工都是,就如同店名 The Golden Rule (黃金準則) 一般。

  • A decade and many stores later, Penny incorporated the company and changed the name to the brand we know today.

    在十年且開了許多間分店後,Penny 成立公司,並改名為現在我們熟知的名稱。

  • The company went public in 1929, right before the Stock Market crash and the Great Depression began.

    該公司於 1929 年上市,就在股市崩潰,「經濟大蕭條」開始前。

  • Still J.C. Penny found continued success as customers looking for low cost goods filed in and in 1951, the company hit 1 billion USD in sales for the first time.

    儘管如此,J.C. Penny 仍舊取得前所未有的成功,因為顧客對於低價商品的需求變高,而在 1951 年,該公司營收首次達到 10 億美元。

  • But in recent years, J.C. Penny has struggled.

    但近年來,J.C. Penny 陷入了低潮。

  • Sales flagged during the recession and the retailer couldn't bring customers back.


  • The department store was one of the first to adopt e-commerce in 1994 but overall it has struggled to keep up in the digital era.

    該百貨公司是 1994 年引進電商,算是數一數二早開始的,但仍然在數位世代吃盡苦頭。

  • A parade of CEOs has tried to turn the company around.


  • Ron Johnson came from Apple and tried to give the brand a fresh look in 2012, including ending the stores famous coupons.

    從 Apple 公司來的 Ron Johnson 在 2012 年試著要給 J.C. Penny 一個嶄新的面貌,作法包含了終止該品牌很有名的折價券文化。

  • The costly revamp flopped and consumers lost trust in the business.


  • Three other CEOs have followed but they all have yet to restore the company to its once and former glory.


  • 10 Second Trivia.


  • Which of these rulers started building the Louvre in 1546 at the site of an old fortress?

    下列哪個君主在 1546 年於一個舊堡壘處開興建羅浮宮?

  • Louis XIV, Francis I, Louis XVI, or Napoleon Bonaparte?


  • It was King Francis I who began work on the Louvre though it was not completed during his lifetime.


  • Even as an avid art collector, King Frances I probably never imagined the museum the Louvre would become or that it would be shutdown more than four centuries later because of a disease pandemic.


  • But thanks to our partnership with CNN Travel, we can take you there today for a private tour with French actor and director Mathieu Kassovitz.

    但幸好我們與 CNN 旅遊為好夥伴,所以今天要帶大家去那裡來場私人參觀,而且還是在法國演員/導演 Mathieu Kassovitz 的陪同之下。

  • The Louvre is a one-of-kind museum.


  • It's [a] one-of-a-kind [piece of] architecture in the world.


  • It's the heart of Paris.


  • [Alone in the Louvre]


  • It's beautiful everywhere you look.


  • So you cannot really appreciate it if you try to do everything at once.


  • You have to spend hours in front of one painting to really to let your emotion go.


  • You will see something that you can really relate to and it's not... it has nothing to do with your story, with your personal story.


  • It's deeper than that and that's what art is all about.


  • Being able to visit the Louvre by yourself, it's a one-of-a-kind experience.


  • To be able to enjoy any of these painting by yourself at your own pace, at your own rhythm.


  • There's nothing in between you and the art and it just.. it becomes personal.


  • There is [are] so many amazing paintings all around you that you wonder why this one?


  • She really became famous after she was stolen from this museum.


  • So her... her stardom is not just because of the quality of the paintings but also the history behind it and the myth that surrounds it.


  • It's different, it has a very strong power and feeling to it.


  • To take a step, you step back from your life and look at what other people did, it's a moment for reflection.


  • [10 out of 10]


  • Calving isn't just for cows.

    不是只有乳牛才能產小牛 (calve)。

  • It's also the term for when chunks of ice break off from a glacier like this here glacier in Alaska.

    這個詞 (calve) 也可以指冰山崩解,就像這個在阿拉斯加崩解的冰山。

  • Susan Haddox was there on April 11th when the Portage Glacier was cracking.

    4 月 11 日,Portage 冰河崩解時,Susan Haddox 就在現場。

  • So she was able to set up her camera to capture this incredible slow motion footage of the calving which thankfully didn't hurt anyone.


  • She says, some people were very close so this is a reminder of the dangers out on the ice.


  • Well that puts today's show on ice.


  • It was fun "chilling" with you.


  • I know that when I drop these puns I get some cold or dare I say "glacial" stares.


  • But it's fun to unleash a "calvalcade" of them even if they get me a "frosty" reception.


  • Alright, Avon High School is no stranger to the cold.

    好的,Avon 高中對於冰冷可不陌生。

  • It's in Cleveland, Ohio and we thank the Eagles for flying high with CNN 10, I'm Carl Azuz.

    因為他們位於俄亥俄州的 Cleveland,感謝老鷹和 CNN10 一起翱翔,我是 Carl Azuz。

Hi, I'm Carl Azuz, we're going to the library today on CNN 10.

嗨,我是 Carl Azuz,今天的 CNN 10 我們來到了圖書館。

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