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  • Hey attackers! Its Bethany here on Wednesday April 16th with your daily MMO news from

  • PVP mayhem is coming for WildStar, yes I'm taking 40 vs 40, the Last of Us has a bunch

  • of new content you can make it rain for, and Square Enix is being sold to a firm that sounds

  • like a bad security company. Your Daily XP starts now!

  • Now this reminds me of the 40 vs 40 glory days of Alterac Valley without having anything

  • to do with World of Warcraft. Carbine Studios today released an action packed new trailer

  • showcasing the epic 40v40 PvP in the upcoming MMORPG, WildStar. In true WildStar fashion,

  • the WildStar community has been treated to a collection of hilarious videos since the

  • game was first announced, and this latest trailer offers the same quality as those before.

  • The video goes into detail in regards to the organizing of a Warplot party, the purchasing

  • and decoration of Warplots, combat preparations and the ability to harvest resources in-between

  • battles. Carbine Studios also had some exciting news this past PAX East 2014, revealing that

  • WildStar has gone gold and pre-orders can be purchased on the official website.

  • Big news for fans of The Last of Us. Naughty dog has detailed its new DLC, and possibly

  • last DLC, for the extremely popular game. It's called the Grounded Bundle, and is mostly

  • aimed toward those who are still playing the multiplayer modes. At $4.99, Grounded Mode

  • gets you significantly more advanced gameplay, making survival crazy difficult. You can also

  • purchase four of the new multiplayer maps at $9.99 each, and you can get your hands

  • on a load of new scary weapons with the Survivalist Weapon Bundle at $5.99. There are also two

  • Survival Skill bundles, situational and professional, at $3.99. Enough about money though; every

  • player, season-pass holder or not, will get the gift of a brand new rifle free of charge.

  • Thanks guys.

  • I just talked a load about money, but let's talk about it more. Sony has announced that

  • it's selling all of its shares it currently holds in Square Enix. Sony has had around

  • 9.5 million Square Enix shares for a decade, but they are saying later to those shares

  • and selling them to a global firm called SMBC Nikko Securities. According to those trusty

  • folks at the Wall Street Journal, the stock will book a $47 million one-off profit for

  • the fiscal quarter ending in June; the exact price for which the shares sell will be revealed

  • on Thursday. The expected sale place is way lower than the $157 million that the shares

  • are currently worth according to their value on the market. Exclusive Square Enix titles

  • such as earlier Final Fantasy games and the Kingdom Hearts series launched exclusively

  • on PlayStation consoles, but in 2008, the publisher broke that trend by releasing Final

  • Fantasy 13 on Xbox 360 as well as PS3.

  • Alright guys, that is all I have for you today. Be sure to like this video and subscribe to

  • for your daily investment to your brain of really awesome gaming news.

  • Follow us on Instagram @MMOAttack and be sure to send us any stories you think we may have

  • missed in the comments down below. See ya!

Hey attackers! Its Bethany here on Wednesday April 16th with your daily MMO news from


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