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  • CHUMLEE: So what do we have here today?

  • I have a talking Herman Munster doll.

  • OK.

  • I restore vintage talking dolls from the '60s.

  • All right.

  • Do you mind if I take a look at it?

  • No, go right ahead.

  • Do you know when this came out?

  • 1964

  • 1964, OK.

  • I know he spent several hours every day doing the makeup,

  • and they actually made this flat part of his head new every day.

  • But I never realized he only have three fingers and a thumb.

  • Yeah. [laughing]

  • I came down to the pawn shop today to try to sell

  • my talking Herman Munster doll.

  • Originally, I bought him online for $300.

  • I'm hoping to get $600 for him, but the least I will take

  • is $500.

  • Yeah, this is pretty cool.

  • It looks like it's in good condition.

  • "The Munsters" was a huge hit when it came out.

  • I recall Herman Munster's the head of the household.

  • He was part of a family of monsters,

  • and they were just trying to live their daily life

  • as normal people.

  • But you can imagine at 7 feet tall, size 26 shoe--

  • probably pretty hard to live a normal life.

  • Can I pull the string?

  • TERRI: Sure.

  • How many things does he say? TERRI: 11.

  • HERMAN MUNSTER DOLL: You are the ghoul of my dreams.

  • You are the ghoul of my dreams.

  • HERMAN MUNSTER DOLL: I love your hands-- so cold and clammy.

  • Well, that's pretty cool.

  • Did you have to do anything besides clean it up?

  • Did you repaint it?

  • I didn't repaint him at all.

  • But when you clean him, the black will wash off on here,

  • so you have to pretty much take him all apart.

  • CHUMLEE: It looks like you did a pretty good

  • job at reselling him there.

  • Yeah, he still has the tush tag on his back, which

  • tells you the year he was made.

  • So what would you like to do with it?

  • I would like to sell him.

  • OK, and how much are you looking to get?

  • I'm looking to get $600 for him.

  • OK.

  • $600 for a talking doll doesn't sound unreasonable,

  • but I don't know if that leaves me any room to make a profit.

  • Well, this is usually the part where I offer you 50 bucks.

  • That's not going to work.

  • [laughing]

  • Tell me what you want for it.

  • I would like $600 for him.

  • OK, there's going to be no way I can get you $600.

  • Although it's obviously worth $600,

  • I gotta have room to make something there.

  • Would you take $450?

  • I'll take $500 for him.

  • I would normally pass on that.

  • But I think it appeals to a lot of different markets,

  • so I really don't see it sitting around for too long.

  • It's a deal.

  • - All right. - $500.

  • Great. Cool.

  • Thank you. - All right.

  • Bring him with us.

  • All right.

  • We ended up settling on $500, which--

  • it didn't really surprise me because when

  • he first seen this toy, he really liked it a lot.

  • So I kind of had a feeling we were going to make a deal.

CHUMLEE: So what do we have here today?


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