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  • I would say Cool man.

  • You lawyer there were sometimes he was, uh, for me and my eyes.

  • He was unbeatable, like around 2000 for around 2014.

  • Break.

  • He was the goalkeeper, right?

  • Honestly, I go with one of the stock.

  • These guys, uh, it's hard to beat him.

  • It's really, really hard to beat him in the yeah, with his tackles and is progressing very, very good.

  • And I like him.

  • I like him very much.

  • I go with rubbers for me.

  • This guy does and stop running, and he's acting the whole time.

  • And it's very good.

  • Very, very good Crossing and truly that is doing is doing a very good job.

  • Offensive part and the deficit.

  • What is what?

  • Said Ramos.

  • Everyone know why.

  • Because these guys, first of all, he does he know how to do his job in the defense and also like, very, very important my set pieces.

  • I go for one day like the last the last two years.

  • He showed that he's, uh, definitely one off the best toe.

  • Even maybe the best of the moment mitigated.

  • The Fund of defense in Gila County is the from Unisys.

  • It is clear because the guy's everywhere and they lost to tackle and is this kind of place that they're looking.

  • They're looking for the contrast and find it, and they will It always this impressive 100%.

  • I go with the boy.

  • Thanks.

  • He has everything he's ever hears for many years.

  • Everything like it's crosses his passing, the way you can shoot left and right with technical abilities.

  • Reader in England in yesterday the vision he got football is this Must've I never saw something like that.

  • A combination game like off Doc.

  • Class s run three messy Ronaldo and, uh, I go with that where it could also be sad.

  • You money is a lot.

  • What is this too?

  • Because, uh because for me, then to the standard is the different world off like, different.

  • They're in a different world.

  • The just different quality And Aguero is for me, this is a strength like is his small but so compact in the as just to go score, he scores goals for fun.

  • You give him the inch, that's enough.

  • So, like it's so stop to mark this this kind of strike And I also like a big defender and he's very is.

  • Gravity is very low.

  • This is a bit difficult because you have some sort of some very, very good movements.

  • Like, for example, with Missy's.

  • If he's on a good day, you cannot stop.

  • This is my only something about them, and the same is with Orlando because they're about okay.

  • But is two different ways of playing.

  • The one is just trying to score goes and the other one is like he's enjoying this football.

I would say Cool man.


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