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  • Aand this is my Japanese umbrella... okay...

  • How do you stop it?

  • So right now we are going to our classes. To be honest, it's quite weird...

  • It's quite weird to film in front of so many people so I'm gonna stop it for now.

  • Hezký den! ["have a good day" in Czech]

  • In the morning, especially it's so important to say "ohayo-gozaimasu" to everyone, every teacher

  • So what you've just seen is called a "short homeroom" where basically at the start of each day before the classes start

  • the teacher tells us some info about the day or what's gonna happen if there are some events...

  • and yeah, then we go to classes my first class today is I think Public speaking or something. It's basically English..

  • This is the most basic food that you can get in the school canteen.

  • It's the cheapest one and they have it every day.

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A2 初級 美國腔

日本高中的一天 (Day in a Japanese High School)

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