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  • I have to show me the card dot com I'm unusual and I'm Hippel.

  • And today we're making Matina Pippa, which is basically a very spicy version of ah, apathy, almost with a lot of masala as a lot of flavor and a great take a long thing on the road to the picnics anywhere.

  • So awesome recipe.

  • Let's get started.

  • And this particular type of Bobby and actually last a long time period of time.

  • So you're making a big batch to be using three cups off chapati flour or whole wheat flour over here and do that, we're gonna add two tablespoons off oil.

  • Every gun makes it in, like I don't want to just work it in a little bit.

  • So meanwhile, we have a small bowl here, and we're gonna prep the rest of the stuff that's gonna go into our flower.

  • We have one cup of yogurt.

  • You want to use the slightly thicker part of your yogurt and add two teaspoons of salt or to taste half teaspoon of turmeric powder, half teaspoon of red chili powder, or to taste one teaspoon cumin powder one tablespoon of minced garlic And here we have some dried fenugreek or me tea leaves.

  • If you have fresh ones, they work really good.

  • We didn't have any on hand, so we're using the dried version.

  • It works just as well.

  • There's two tablespoons and we have some fresh coriander leaves and stems all chopped up.

  • It's about 1/4 cup packed now because we didn't use the fresh Schmidt.

  • He leaves these fresh coriander leaves or done yet, it really gives it a nice green color.

  • And mice freshness about it just makes this through.

  • Make sure all the spices get well incorporated into the overt.

  • You can also give this a taste test.

  • Make sure the salt is okay for you and the chili powder.

  • Whatever else needs to adjust, and the oil is incorporated well into the outta here, and we're gonna add the yogurt mixture and slowly keep leading it.

  • We want to make it as soft as Japan, and I've got some additional water here.

  • We just microwave it for a few seconds, so it's warm and we're gonna add a little bit of water at a time.

  • You start with about 1/4 cup.

  • Here's your second quarter cup.

  • We're gonna add it on Lee is needed.

  • So besides, yogurt arts took about 1/4 cup of water, plus approximately two tablespoons of water to come to that consistency.

  • Now it's going to depend on again.

  • What kind of yogurt you used for yogurt was thick ish finish, you know, made from 2% milk made from Old World Store bought homemade and also depends on which brand of flower you're using and how old it is, how new it ISS.

  • So he is at it a little at a time and only as much as needed.

  • Key to good dough making the ball is clean, the hands clean.

  • Perfect.

  • It looks so pretty.

  • Just a little bit of oil on top, so it doesn't form a crust.

  • And, as always, allow the door to rest.

  • Cleans 15 to 20 minutes.

  • We'll be back.

  • It's been about 15 minutes and removed the cover and give it one more need to look at the status, sweating a little bit as you can see the because soldiers, you know, letting the water go over there on it's got that little effect from the yogurt bubble's gonna give one morning and the consistency, by the way, is just like that.

  • Nobody's perfect.

  • I'm gonna make little balls out of it and honor.

  • So right now we have a double or skillet heating up.

  • We want to make sure it's nice and hot before we start rolling these out.

  • Case, we're gonna take one of our dough balls and just make it in tonight.

  • Smooth ball and flatten it out.

  • And we have another little dish with dry flower here.

  • I'm just gonna dip it in there.

  • It's gonna help us roll easily.

  • And as it sticks to your surface, you need to put it back into the dry flower, and it's gonna dust off the excess and it'll keep moving like this.

  • And if you run your fingers across the top, you can tell if there's some thick parts and somethin parts.

  • So just even it out on a nice, evenly rolled tippler, and that was nice and high.

  • We're gonna put that on there and just move it around.

  • Move it.

  • And while one is cooking, we can continue on with the next one.

  • I can see the dole kind of changing color.

  • That's perfect indicator side.

  • Don't run.

  • Allowed to go from that side stick a little bit of oil just dealt with the job spirit.

  • Press it down gently, like to bubble up a little bit.

  • Luna.

  • It's perfect Royal visit on the other side.

  • Spirit.

  • Take it off it, but in the hot case and it's ready to set.

  • So here's our May.

  • Teach a plus, and they look so pretty ready to dig in May 18 1919 Blow.

  • Maybe not safe.

  • Right?

  • Okay, let's give this a try.

  • I gotta have a pickle pickle.

  • It's It's got flavor without anything as well.

  • But pickle is a fabulous thing to eat it with, and you can have.

  • You can enjoy these with a subsidy or, you know you don't have to eat them by themselves.

  • You know, it's just another variation of Ah Tripathi.

  • So enjoy these.

  • Maybe not a plot and join us again on another episode to show me the curry dot com.

I have to show me the card dot com I'm unusual and I'm Hippel.


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