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  • for a country of 1.3 billion people that spends less than 2% off its GDP on health care.

  • India sprawling healthcare system is overburdened even at the best of times.

  • With the Corona virus pandemic, the system is facing its biggest challenge yet.

  • Millions of patients across the country no longer have access to basic medical care.

  • And inside the hospitals, doctors, too, are struggling to cope with this new reality.

  • Most of the healthcare service is our limited of shadow.

  • Main emergency are people with other illnesses male end up in covered emergency with I recovered infection.

  • So it is very different but difficult to segregate.

  • Dr.

  • Srinivas Raj Kumar is the general secretary of the Resident Doctors Association at Ames, with doctors and nurses already testing positive across the country in large numbers, he is a worried man.

  • We're sending soldiers without any protective suit off the sufficient ammunition to fight this battle.

  • There are certain places in the country.

  • Even very good hospitals are waiting rain codes on Djurgarden, kind of like made in home kind of gears, Harry much satiated Swart knock.

  • It is very horrible to see, and it's not just shortage of personal protective equipment.

  • That's a problem.

  • According to one of India's leading epidemiologists, Dr Roman and Lakshman A.

  • Ryan, the country may soon stare at a shortage off medical workers.

  • You know, to me, this is the number one issue with our response weakened by beds, we can buy ventilators weakened by a person protective equipment.

  • Or the country can make these what we can't make it very short notice are actually medical providers.

  • I think we need to emphasize personal protective equipment and infection control for all of our health.

  • Workers, not just doctors.

  • Also nurses all health care providers.

  • Every morning, Salma beads her seven year old son, Ion, in a discreet corner right outside the country's most prestigious public hospital aims in New Delhi.

  • A few months ago, doctors in the eastern state of Orissa, about 1500 kilometers from New Delhi, told Selma that her son needed a complex neurosurgery, the only doctors who could perform it free off coast, where it seems I got one family arrived in Delhi on March 2nd.

  • They found beds in this crowded shelter and settled down for what they hoped would be two weeks with the lock down in place.

  • The hospital has closed many departments to prevent the virus from spreading.

  • For all the patients here, Theo biggest problem is finding food Well, yeah, but familiar to people like that, there are at least a dozen tents of this kind on either side of the road outside the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

  • Now there are at least 20 people in each tent, some of them suffering from very grave ailments like cancer, others waiting for major surgeries like neurosurgery or cardiac transplants.

  • As night falls on New Delhi, Indians step out of their homes to light candles for the brave healthcare workers fighting this pandemic.

  • In recent days, many doctors have said that these are meaningless unless backed by supplies off much needed personal protective equipments.

for a country of 1.3 billion people that spends less than 2% off its GDP on health care.


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印度延長封鎖時間,因為感染率激增 (India extends lockdown as infections surge)

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