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  • the Jewish holiday of Passover, now in its second night, it's an ancient celebration of family community, faith in freedom.

  • But this year, with a new plate to worry about Jews around the world or making modern day adjustments to their time honored traditions, A B.

  • C's Aerial Russia has this report.

  • That's 10 year old Ben Zohar singing a traditional Hebrew Passover Sean asking why this night is different from all other nights.

  • For many families like Ben's this year, celebration isn't just different.

  • It's a seismic shift from years past.

  • Where's the sounds?

  • Passover, traditionally shared with family and friends honoring cherished customs together.

  • But with the world plagued by the cove, it 19 pandemic families are kept from celebrating at the same table and the lessons of one of Judaism's most sacred holidays more resonant than ever.

  • Social distancing.

  • Echoing a decree from thousands of years ago during a biblical plague, it says, exactly at this time, as we're reading the Torah, where l told that when the, um, the last plague is coming, which is the death of the firstborn, everyone needs to stay inside and thio to avoid being inflicted by this plague, and this is the healthiest thing.

  • This is the only thing that we can d'oh.

  • For Rebecca Waxman, that means forgoing her family gathering.

  • We have a choice to kind of throw up our hands ago.

  • Well, I can't have my traditional Passover Seder.

  • It's ruined, or we can choose to do the best we can.

  • Which is what my family my friends were trying to do is say, Let's connect online the Passover Seder of festive meal Commemorating the exodus of the Israel lights from slavery in Egypt.

  • It's a time honored ritual, and while a lot of celebrations are smaller this year, it hasn't stopped the Ross family in Woodstock, New York, from cooking up a storm.

  • In fact, some families taking creative liberties this'll year different for us to normally.

  • Our Seder table is filled with dozens of family and friends.

  • But this year, just my husband and my two sweet boys finding joy in wearing masks that represent the plagues and a zoom with loved ones, even though congregating in houses of worship during this holy week is on pause for most of the world, people are still finding ways to uphold tradition like the's Seder to go bags and virtually uniting in prayer for so many an isolated Passover amid the current crisis, a reminder of the preciousness of freedom and the faith that continues to bring families together.

  • Unfortunately, we all can't be together holding each other around, giving hugs and kisses, but with doing it virtually because this is what our family does.

  • We do love, even though we can't touch each other.

  • Aerial Rash F ABC NEWS New YORK Time tested Tradition continues on our thanks to Ariel for that.

  • Hi, everyone, George Stephanopoulos here.

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the Jewish holiday of Passover, now in its second night, it's an ancient celebration of family community, faith in freedom.


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家庭慶祝虛擬逾越節 (Families celebrate virtual Passover)

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