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  • Things are faster than a speeding train, except maybe these good Samaritans who stepped in to help people who found themselves on the tracks.

  • A commuter war risked his life to save a man sprawled out on the track at a downtown subway station.

  • But Jonathan Que Oleg says he knew exactly what to do when he saw the man fall onto the tracks from the other side of the station, had a walk over to rails that third rail on third Rothe Third Rail is electrified and deadly, but Killing says he had just received special training on how to safely walk across train tracks from his job.

  • When he reached the man in distress, he lifted him up onto the platform one minute before the train arrived.

  • But would he be so brave in the future?

  • An 89 year old woman in New Jersey thought she could make it across the tracks before the train came, but she was cutting it too close for two witnesses who got nervous when they saw the warning gates come down and the elderly woman still trying to cross the road.

  • One man rushed to help her make it all the way across and another ran over to assist Saddlebrook.

  • Police say no one was injured, thanks to these brave helpers.

  • When a visually impaired man fell onto train tracks in Atlanta, Georgia commuters banded together to save him.

  • A bystander took this video at the five point station as two men jumped on the tracks toe lift him, while two women tried to pull him the rest of the way up.

  • By the time transit employees came to help, the man was safely back on the platform, and the two rescuers were on their way.

  • The city applauded these good citizens for making sure no one was seriously injured that day.

  • This'll rescue was truly a close call.

  • A woman was stumbling on the train tracks at a station in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Wearing a brawl with no shirt.

  • She reached out for a person on the platform to help her.

  • But with the train approaching, transit workers ran toe pull her off the tracks with just seconds to spare.

  • I guess we're lucky enough to grab.

  • If you thought that was a close, check out this save in the Bay Area.

  • With the train barreling into the station, a man slips onto the tracks with the train just feet away.

  • Lucky for him, transportation supervisor John O'Connor was quick to help solve the headlights.

  • I think he was gonna make it, so I just grabbed.

  • O'Connor was able to pull the man up onto the platform just in the nick of time one second later, and both of them could have been seriously injured.

  • But O'Connor says he believes it was all meant to be.

  • I'd like to think that anybody else get in there would have done the same thing I was.

  • God put me there for a reason, right?

  • I guess.

  • Susan Wenzel and her daughter, Katie, We're visiting Atlanta for a weekend getaway when a man violently pushed Susan onto the tracks, knocking her unconscious.

  • I heard the horn.

  • That's what I heard.

  • So I knew the train was coming.

  • Katie jumped in to help repositioning her mom in the middle of the tracks and then laid down beside her, hoping the train would just pass over them.

  • After the train stopped on top of them, Susan was able to crawl out from underneath and sit on the rail.

  • She suffered minor injuries, but Katie was seriously injured train caught her necklace and almost killed her.

  • It yanked it and cut, just missing her windpipe, just missing her corroded artery.

  • Despite everything, Katie says, all the pain was worth it.

  • I just did what any other daughter would have done for a mother that they absolutely loved.

  • For inside edition dot com on Barrow Montalbano.



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從臨客列車上及時救出的人 (People Rescued From Oncoming Trains Just in Time)

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