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  • wait.

  • Um, Hamilton was William.

  • You know, honestly, I could hire a nurse in real matematica.

  • Santos, the victim.

  • You know, we did a probability Mommy on a nobody.

  • You have to know how to read a second here.

  • God, if you say so for more on if you have These are really, really hard.

  • J j B A.

  • I mean, after the sandy said, Who was that?

  • Why would the gentleman wouldn't We took a cab.

  • Here is not how did you get them for holding?

  • Honest Doctor, start here among official area.

  • Stopped again and flipped out.

  • Jammer Ah, there is the matter around my body for the ticket.

  • Fewer hits a conjurer.

  • Yamato Taxi.

  • Lynda Mann was doing and asked him if they have to be hard, you know, milder oriented FEMA, Camrys and women like you, uh, things but a lot of money on a big TV, Gemma, uh, see fit to remain for Europe on account and get more and more slowly, hard.

  • No, normal How you tell them?

  • Hi.

  • I didn't know decided to our side plate was a martini for you.

  • Uh, you go?

  • I mean, none of No, I wouldn't be here in a smooth Then I guess if I were looking bythe so, I wouldn't get a ticket and not I'm gonna get up.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Did I mean I mean, we walk from one room to the courage to tell Victor that will hide them.

  • And that's what got family.

  • And I can laugh it in on his arm and higher I am I mislaid looking than I am and how you could be spotted if they are in relation to the world's biggest diamond on a diet.

  • And you should like it.

  • Lumber, You know, im says, But I Well, how about if I hired liking my interview has to be enough to be his community.

  • Kind of the upside down, I'm sure.

  • But I look at, you know, nine out of 10.

  • The common market in the city and all of you.

  • What kind?

  • Well, instead of you, I can't.

  • Yeah.

  • And if it cost the company So I have to tell Helen Markham, But marrying me more about that demon I should want more from you know?

  • So I have to get back.

  • Uh, I will see.

  • You should live.

  • Oh, Welcome home.

  • What?

  • The mine is tomorrow, and I gotta hold them on the slab sided, If that's how you know my stuff.

  • Uh, how about one with symptomatic?

  • Mottama waterman Uh, we give to send a camera and a pickle for us in normal.

  • But ticket Veum guillotine with anyone with a love of the community Like it was this movement getting us a desirable, beautiful joke that any little from the president with my eyes are my eyes lay out.

  • You can't do it.

  • Beggar related number that I want leave.

  • He did not have the lie.

  • I must get up.

  • We have the feel of the Texas University.

  • Get Mama and I'm finished.

  • Get that future.

  • Um See you, Gilly weaken layout?

  • No.

  • So and that's what happened.

  • I look in my eyes in the community finance Fifi local Jose.

  • We want anymore of doing well.

  • I mean, you know, I'm a film izing house on the market and the way you know, difficult.

  • Uh uh, no, that he has had in a while.

  • It was fashion, you know, in the eyes.

  • I understand dissent.



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