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  • yes has feelings.

  • Feelings, too, is a Greek myth.

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  • Mama, don't tell me.

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  • Great.

  • Right into school.

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  • Zesty Stinnett.

  • No preparation.

  • Easy, You people.

  • A single father Defended list of office.

  • Let me get in the shower to me now.

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  • So the combo Mick O'Shea, he'd be sticky.

  • Theo, My speech.

  • Adorable Arab Lana, The euphoria in their own medical villa begins.

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  • Step in it.

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  • Nobody Nobody asked.

  • He sees a surveyor, people less.

  • Alice flexes opponent surveyors disagreed.

  • Yes, like a guillotine.

  • Him with the body.

  • Just awesome.

  • What did you say?

  • He said to send men after.

  • Excuse me.

  • Oh, madam And the Florida.

yes has feelings.


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馬格納希臘語|輕鬆希臘語28 (Magna Grecia | Easy Greek 28)

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