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  • Hey, salute.

  • This is Alex.

  • And today I'll try to save your ass.

  • You're but with this last minute Thanksgiving recipe?

  • Yes, exactly.

  • Thanksgiving.

  • I mean, it's coming really fast, and nothing is prepared.

  • I mean, I'm not blaming you, because basically the same scenario as you are.

  • What's reassuring me at the moment is that in France we do not celebrate Thanksgiving.

  • Sorry, buddy.

  • You're on your own on this one.

  • The thing is, it's too late to make a three brighter key.

  • You know, the juicy one or silky Mashore loads of different veg, but it's not too late focused on the last hope.

  • We have the grave.

  • Yes, hello.

  • My name is gravy, Lisa.

  • Nobody cares.

  • If the toughest dry on the passion of a cook, I would help, as long as you can soak those into velvet gravy.

  • And my recipe is proof it can be done in under 10 minutes with no fancy ingredients.

  • What you say?

  • Are you ready?

  • Steady in a saucepan of a medium heat, Met down.

  • Have a cup of better than add half a cup of flour.

  • Have have let it cook a few minutes when it's reaching stuff that's Latiker.

  • Then it's time to have some home made stuck.

  • Let's face it.

  • I mean, there's not even a scream chance of you having some homemade stuff in your freezer, right?

  • I guess I've got you covered on that, too.

  • Drop a few organic stock cubes in boiling water.

  • So there was me because the ratio is extremely complex once the cube for one cup of water.

  • So I know we're in the rush, but if you can afford just a few minutes No, I've got some death.

  • Simple ingredients that can boost.

  • Do many of these dish to the next level.

  • Okay, dried mushrooms.

  • Missed having your victory to matter based off ketchup.

  • If you like.

  • Who's the soles?

  • Off socials are both, as you like.

  • Meets those in the stock.

  • Natural man just got boosted.

  • Yes, just the leader chip.

  • I reckon it's easier to make a stop first.

  • And the butter flour stuff Second.

  • Now back to the saucepan.

  • Foreign stuff constantly.

  • Whiskey.

  • How much pouring?

  • Well, three cups.

  • Stop.

  • Give me the thickness.

  • I like a big two ready at first, but thinking all the time.

  • So that's it, Guys, this is a simple yet an amazing Grady, considering the time frame we had on this one, and the basic ingredients we used let it trickle down on the mash and on the meat lush.

  • I really hope you enjoyed express it.

  • And if you have some things giving tricks last minute one's share them in the comments below, like this video.

  • If you did, of course, share it on social media.

  • And don't forget to subscribe for national delicious goodness.

Hey, salute.


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最後一分鐘感恩節肉湯!遲來的人最喜歡的食譜...... (Lastminute Thanksgiving Gravy ! Latecomers Favorite Recipe…)

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