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  • as New York City approaches the apex of infection.

  • Some of its animal residents now dealing with Cove in 19 a four year old Malayan Tiger named Nadia at the Bronx Zoo, testing positive.

  • We were surprised, of course, because this is the first time the person has naturally infected an animal and an animal has gotten sick.

  • The zoo's chief veterinarian, Dr Paul Callie, explaining that the problem is worse than expected.

  • The tiger infecting four other tigers and lions, the big cats displaying respiratory problems.

  • She got sick, and the later other tigers and lions got sick.

  • Thankfully, all expected to make a full recovery.

  • When Nadia started showing symptoms, the veterinary team performed a number of diagnostic tests and blood work.

  • It's not the same type of tests that healthcare providers give to people, so there's no competition for testing between these very different situations.

  • But now naughty is positive test results, prompting the question.

  • Can the virus be spread to humans from their pets?

  • Doctor and hoeing house from New York City's Animal Medical Center says yes, but so far on Lee from cats.

  • But we know that pet cat have almost the identical virus receptor on their cells that let the virus in that people.

  • D'oh!

  • So far, no evidence of transmission from dogs.

  • But Dr Hogan House says to take the same precautions with animals as you would with human family members.

  • If you're sick, isolate yourself from all members of the family, and that includes the pets back at the zoo, these big cats likely infected by asymptomatic zookeepers.

  • We have keepers who cared for the cats.

  • None of them have been tested, and they all were healthy at the time they worked with the cats.

  • So aside from those tigers and lions, none of the zoo's other big cats including snow leopards, cheetahs, a clouded leopard and a puma are showing symptoms.

  • Meanwhile, zookeepers around the country have been making extra efforts to protect the apes in their care because apes can easily catch respiratory illnesses that we humans might pass along.

  • Well, I think I liked it better when we were talking about the Tiger King last week and is also just really underscores the fact that we I still have a lot to learn about this Corona virus.

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as New York City approaches the apex of infection.


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