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  • I welcome to show me the garden dot com I'm a new job and I'm Hittle.

  • And today we're making Suji roadies.

  • Now, this is a fabulous recipe that one of our viewers shared with us.

  • And we'd like to take Sindhu for this recipe.

  • So here it is.

  • Very simple ingredients, Suji.

  • Great.

  • Your regular pull the flower body.

  • So it's like a wonderful and so So I have to say that, especially when you keep it even for a little while.

  • So So I have to say unbelievably sad.

  • When I first had these, we couldn't get over.

  • They just melt in your mouth soft.

  • So some something of a surprise there?

  • Yes, This recipe we're gonna be using Suji, but we're gonna be using the fine verity.

  • Not the course one.

  • So we have 1.5 cups of water boiling, and it's in a saucepan.

  • Once it starts coming to a boil, you're gonna add port, a teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon off oil mix.

  • I'm gonna put it on the simmer, and we're gonna add one cup of Suji.

  • And while I'm adding it, I'm gonna keep mixing it so there's no lumps form what's all formed into a nice big door and everything is mixed in.

  • We're gonna turn off the store and you gonna close it and allowed to rest or 5 to 10 minutes.

  • So the door is almost cool to the touch and we're gonna transfer it cologne faster that way.

  • And when you work with this dough, you want to make sure it's not completely cold.

  • It still should be a little warm, but not hot enough for you to burn your fingers.

  • So it looks like Hello.

  • Yeah, she does.

  • It really does look like Chita.

  • So if you need to, you can order hands that just helps in the door making, and it doesn't stick to your hands.

  • Basically, I'm just going to needed a little bit.

  • Doll comes together as adobes, just like regular tow, and it's done so we can start rolling out immediately and we can start making the bodies.

  • So we needed the dough and divided into eight equal portions and makes nice eight good sized bodies, right?

  • So we don't know again.

  • Take one with balls, roll it out smooth, dip it in rice.

  • But this particular do you need to use the rice for it so softer and it's more pliable.

  • So it helps, and we're gonna roll it out just like a body.

  • And we also have Ortho or skillet heating up right now on medium heat.

  • We want to make sure it's nice and hot before we get the 1st 1 on there.

  • This is ready and we're gonna put it on the hop.

  • Just don't let it cook a little bit on the underside.

  • It's not gonna change color because it is Suji.

  • It's not changing.

  • Do any other color.

  • It's gonna stay white.

  • You put your own No, let it cook on the side.

  • Also, for just a minute, we're gonna increase the heat and put it on the stove top, take it off and put it in an insulated box to be ready to eat.

  • Course you can always but some key on top and enjoy them.

  • They're really good and very, very soft.

  • It's unbelievable, and this stays off for a very long time.

  • So it's great for people who want to make it ahead and have it like later on in the day like lunch.

  • A lot of people packed lunches and they're always concerned about the chip out.

  • He's getting really hard, very nice.

  • And consider is just Sergio.

  • It's a different, easy and simple ingredients, and what I like is sort of French from the usual everyday thing.

  • Yes, with a beat.

  • So thank you so much for this awesome awesome recipe.

  • Really enjoy it and join us again on another episode of Show Me the curry dot com, adding a pinch of spice to your life.

I welcome to show me the garden dot com I'm a new job and I'm Hittle.


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